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Squishy Climbs The Neuron

Squishy, the brave little neurotransmitter, struggles to climb a mighty neuron. Although the height is frightening, (particularly to a creature with no legs and rather nubby arms) Squishy perseveres! His important chemical messages must get through!


I don't actually know that neurotransmitters exist anywhere but in the synapses, so I'm takin' some artistic liberties here.

Also, this is still not an epic.

Original is somewhere around 10 x 14.5, mixed media (I threw everything but the kitchen sink at this one) and for sale! Prints are also available for $10 or $20, plus shipping. Send a note to inquire about prices, or drop an e-mail to ursulav (at)
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Go, Squishy! Woo-hoo! :D
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Hi :D I featured this here, hope thats ok ^_^ :iconllamajumpplz: [link]
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Meant to fav this when I saw it on your blog way back when. Go, little Squishy, go! You can do it!
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It's s cute, and also again a great concept :D
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okay, if science textbooks had illustrations like this, i would have been all over my homework in high school. instead, i barely scraped by in the sciences.
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Would just like you to know that I have this picture up as my computer wallpaper. It is my psychspiration.
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Freaking adorable. That's about all I can think of. The little messenger bag is the perfect touch.
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I liked the geometry of this one :)
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ur very creative and i love him hes so CUTE!
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Well, some neurotransmitters are synthesised at the soma and travel down the axon to the synapse, where they're actually used, but the signals themselves travel as electrical impulses. But I love the idea of this anyway - and Squishy is absolutely adorable.
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Squishy deserves to become a legend..:D..Loving him so far.
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what a wonderful idea perfectly executed!
this is what some areas of my brain look like, I am sure.
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Squishy! I want one! Mmmmmmmm... *eyes the Squishy*
omg. :O

yes, what someone above me said... please create a book of the adorable squishiness of human anatomy!
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so sweet!!! Squishy! squishy! squishy!
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Wow. This is so... adorable. You should totally do a series showing how Squishy gets thwarted in message delivering (aka what happens to people who suffer from clinical depression)
Kawaii-Hunters's avatar
I love the way your mind works lol... and I really like the way you play with composition :3
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Squishy! I love you!!

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