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Squash's Stash

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I have all the graphic design skills of an injured nudibranch. However, I had the line-art for the chibi squash piece anyway, and I was fooling around in Photoshop, and I came up with this label for a fictional tea (although if there was a brand called "Red Wombat" I'd be all over it!)

Since I have no design skills whatsoever, and really wish I did--there's some artists with very strong graphical skills that blow me outta the water--I should really practice stuff like this more, if I ever want to develop them, although that means you, O viewer, would have to suffer through the Hundred Multicolored Abuses of A Squash, and I'm not a cruel woman by nature. But--Squash! c'mon! Squash! (On a largely unrelated note, this is the first thing I've ever posted in "Pop Art." Madness! Utter madness!)

Also, I think Earl Grey is the only one of those I'd drink. I'm not really a fan of the fruity teas. Except maybe Lemon Zinger.

Prints are available, small and jumbo for $10 and $20, plus shipping, 'cos c'mon, who wouldn't want Squash-themed tea labels in the kitchen? Drop a note, visit [link]
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Like heck you have no skills.

Er, what's a nudibranch?
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oh please don't say u have no design skills!! they are really cool and i wud so buy that tea(if it was real)
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I love, like all you're Red Wombattedness, the Squash's Stash ^^

Keep on truckin, you art nuevo/pop/crazy thing of an artist, you!

BTW, congrats on the new house...
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"...the Hundred Multicolored Abuses of A Squash..."

Haha, genius!
I love the designs, excellent work. I don't know a whole lot about graphic design, but they look pretty good to me.
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your "artist's comments" are pretty much always as good as your art itself! you cheer me up ^_^ i'd totally buy this tea, by the way.
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I love the font!
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I think that half the fun of this picture is looking at it without any context and wondering just *where* it came from.
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I wouldn't mind having to "suffer through" more work like this :D
Also, besides the fruity teas, there are also cinnamon flavored teas and the like, why don't you try one of those?
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Here is a red wombat:
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Ursulav...:glomp: I love you. Your art is brilliant...you are hysterically funny..at least I think so. Thank you so much for just being you. :love:
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Love the labels, I'd buy the tea just for that. Out of interest, what's the font you used for Squash's stash?
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XD Awesome. ^^ Good things can come of fangirlishness.

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sweet i would so buy that tea!!!
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*laughs* Thats amazing
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Yay Nudibranchs!
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if I wasn't broke I'd buy a print! :D (but, sadly, I'm broke, as stated first :D)
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I like very much the chosen fonts. I think they fit brilliantly with the drawing's lines, they're both very morbid.
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I thought the writing under presents was arabic, and then like a cloud becoming a pony or Cthulhu eating a kettle I realised it says Squash's Stash. I feel silly.
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But nudibranchs are COOL! And also multicolored. :)
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OMG that guy is scary, I love it!!! :clap:
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This would be one of the teas that I'd buy due to the packaging alone. Those injured neutebranchs must be a talented bunch if they produce stuff like this. Nice work!
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Mm, earl grey. Pass it over! Hell, I'd FOUND Red Wombat if I had that kinda money. Just for you!

.. And for me, because hey, tea sells well.
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Do up some squash coffee and we'll talk.
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