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He came from the east, bearing strange new inventions which failed utterly to impress anyone. In vain he offered them the newly domesticated slime-eel, the obsidian-edged whitehead remover,* and the Device For Turning Fish Guts Into An Attractive Rose-Shaped Garnish.

Depressed by the lukewarm reception to his offerings, he sat and ate his lunch with a strange device of his own invention, part spoon, part fork.

"What is that?" the people cried, spying this object.

"This? It's nothing. A spoon-fork thing. I made it so I wouldn't have to carry both."

"It's the greatest thing since fire!" the people cried, rejoicing in their newfound utensil.

"Whatever," said the Sporkbringer gloomily, and went on his way, the slime-eels slopping and prancing at his heels.

3.5 x 5 little piece on panel, rounding out the silverware pantheon--this one'll be up for auction, since everybody demanded a spork petroglyph.

Auction: [link]

*Frequently removed the whole head with it.
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omg this is so funny!!:iconcoffeespitplz:awesome work.....awesome gallery!!:clap::clap::clap:
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We need it for the staff room.... someone is always raiding the cafeteria for more sporks
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lolXD nice work!
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he seems proud of his spork

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The painting, the title, the story... fantastic!!
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this is awesome :D
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This picture is just too brilliant to be described!
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All hail the sporkbringer! ...I may be forced to start a cult, this is so great. :)
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I actually hate sporks, I find they're overrated.

But this.
This is absolutely brilliant.

The colours are beautiful and it's so..
I love it. <333
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I absolutely love this set... your humorous take on ancient folk art is wonderful! All favs!
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A parody on Stormbringer, and did I spy Elric in your gallery?
HAve I found another Moorcock fan?
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:rofl: lol I has a spork!
The story made me laugh. Like a lot. Your artist descriptions frequently do that to me.
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Cute and very cute story :aww:
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Love it!! And the story gave me a giggle.
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Yeah YEah ~~ Only Food
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Becuase Sporks are just that awesome. <3
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nice. like the feel of the drawing
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so adorably epic!
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I love this! It's just wacky and fun!
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