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Smoking Fish

I'm pretty sure that's a clove cigarette. No, I have no idea how that works underwater...probably by the same mechanism that's keeping his little beret on...

Another little pencil piece on brown paper--this one's about 6 x 7ish.

Original is for sale...uh... $45? And I could even do prints of it for $10 plus shipping--visit Red Wombat Studio to order [link]
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JayneKulria's avatar
what upset the fish? Or is hes just French? I see sarcasm and depression there in his eye, awesome drawing.
ScarletJaguar's avatar
There is a nongaseous oxidizer in the cigarette, clearly...
lory369's avatar
ahahah...funny and beautiful
AcalaRae's avatar
French fish is trying to fake indifference to the American fish... (lol jk)
Lunamis's avatar
Haha this fish is fabulous! Great job!
dead-jellyfish's avatar
this is so illogical! lol i like it! =D
xXrocksomeXx's avatar
Cloves are tasty.
Boons-SHP-Ja92's avatar
Wow...Very Nice!!!
Appledore's avatar
That is the most adorable, grumpy little goldfish I've ever seen.
jazzyutopia's avatar
This would make an AWESOME tattoo!
I :heart: it!!! XD
PockyPuck's avatar
Pshh. It's obvious. The air and the water have been inverted. By a particle accelerator accident gone horribly wrong.

...I love talking out of my ass. 8D
Lady-yuki's avatar
I love the attitude of this fish.
MaRina731's avatar
Great idea! ^^

miggetymary's avatar
Animals smoking is my favourite
WhimsySmile's avatar
Willful suspension of disbelief. That's how it all works!
SkycladGypsy's avatar
he is so badass, he likes living dangerously.... usually hanging out near the surface to smoke... and taunt the cat.
tsunami-ryuu's avatar
I like where this goldfish thing is going.
Jedi-Gemstone's avatar
That is awesome ^_^

And fire can work underwater if its lava based!! Thats my crazy theory anyway... I forget why I invented it, but fabulous work ^_^
tomthefanboy's avatar
I love the disillusioned grimace on his fishy face.
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