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Small Creature, Big Tree

By ursulav
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Been playing around with matte drafting film, which is really cool and can be layered to make some extraordinary effects. I, being me, am just using it to draw small fuzzy things. (He started life as a drawing of a tarsier. There was some genetic drift.)

This is done with one layer of film. (I printed out a very light version of this in grays and whites, laid it down, put the film over, drew in the tree with details, etc, on the film in shades of gray and white colored pencil.) Two layers, and who knows what madness we might achieve?

6is x 12ish, for a gallery show this fall.
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AndromacheNY General Artist
Do you know Szymborska's poem about the Tarsier? I feel that if by some inexplicable iteration of cosmic flatulence you have not met this poem yet, then you must do so absolutely five minutes ago. Go ahead and borrow my time machine if you need to.
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medievalgoddessProfessional General Artist
"Genetic drift."

I may need to borrow that phrase. XD
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I love the tree ^^
I don't understand the medium though... but that's just me I'm sure ^^;
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Immy-is-ThinkingProfessional Traditional Artist
Hello :) I featured this here - fav.me/d6g7pi9 - I hope thats ok :highfive:
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Quilsnap General Artist
aww man I love working digital-traditional mix. I like where this is going.
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Cute little guy.
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I want to live in a house made out of your trees. Like the red lantern house. The texture would be so satisfying....
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icenectarHobbyist General Artist
That small creature looks a little scared (or maybe it's just the eyes)...
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The bark looks wild and fantastic while still appearing realistic. 
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AimOfDestinyHobbyist General Artist
You are making me want to art! And I was so happy to be writing instead for once...!
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IshtarDragonHobbyist General Artist
Amazing! :D
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pearwoodHobbyist Photographer
Looks like your trees have have been hanging out with Stephanie, except that hers are inhabited by foxes.

Cute little varmint, whatever she is.
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SiteLine6Hobbyist General Artist
You certainly get some interesting effects in depth with this substrate.
Very intriguing might have a scribble at this myself. 
If you don't mind me asking have you tried any other medium on this, such as inks?
kind of curious as to how it would take to a wet medium     
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It'll take wet medium, but the stuff doesn't dry, so it smears REALLY easily. (Same with pencil--smears like mad.)
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I wonder what yupo would do in this case...Gotta go rummage through the stacks of papery things and find that chunk I tucked away for later.
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SiteLine6Hobbyist General Artist
so sage adivec would be to be very very careful with this stuff?
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barkkornHobbyist Digital Artist
This looks very nice, the texture and detail is amazing!
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Zed-of-VeniceHobbyist General Artist
i like it!
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Blackhole00Hobbyist Traditional Artist
This is so cool! I love the contrast between the jagged texture of the bark and the fluid shape of the tree.

Also, I'd never heard of drafting film before and now I'm making plans for it. Thanks!
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TrollGirlProfessional Traditional Artist
Love the gnarly tree texture ^^
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MLPsquad120Student Photographer
very cute :D
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