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Skvader and Rabbirds

By ursulav
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Skvaders really exist, insomuch as they are a mythical creature (rather like the jackalope) which I did not make up myself. The rabbirds are all my fault.
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Please do something awesome with that wonderful hummingrabbird.
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Wow I never see it... I thought I has enough with the jackalopes and the wolpertinger, what is new for me, thanks for made this picture of the skvaders. :la:
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There's a Hoven Droven song named after the skvader, called "Skvadern" of course ;) I like it!
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Awww, I love the hummingbird one.
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This is bothering me to no end. Is it pronounced "Sk-VAY-der" or "Sk-VAH-der" or possibly even "SK-vah-der" (accent on the SK part)?"
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the idea of rabbits with wings... adorable!!
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:meow: are rabbirds and skvaders genetically compatible?
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The rabbirds are adorable.
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I wanna skvader. If I paste some feathers on my bunny I'll be close...
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"And then, the fish ate my head."


I heart skvaders.
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Wow that's awesome. xD

-has an obsession with wings-
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I'm enjoying seeing your sketches lately. There's always something so lively about the sketch stage.
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I want a rabbird.
A real one if it's possible!
I'll ask my neighbour...Mr. V. Frankestein...:evillaugh:
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RABBIRDS~~~ *never heard of a skvader before*


But if it ate your head...how are you talking? o_O
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Skvader! Go Sweden!
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i like it!!!!
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hummingrabbird o.O dangit thats CUTE
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This is just a request, but more Skvaders please.
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.....very curious about "then, the fish ate my head"
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"If it weren't for my horse, I wouldn't have spent that year on college."
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Lewis Black love. <3
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Hooray for randomly chaotic phrases :P
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I have to say that I really like these :)
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