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Seedmages tend to be an indolent breed of gardener. When you can coax a seed into growing--or a weed into not growing--merely by having a small magical chat with it, you get a little lazy. As a result, they have a fair amount of work in spring, and spend most of the rest of the time with their feet up, unless somebody calls them in to give the Japanese stiltgrass a severe talking-to.

Rootmages--who tend to be sturdy, serious types, very much concerned with available groundwater and rhizome division--and soilmages--for whom every hard rain is an occasion to rush out and rescue drowning worms--dismiss seedmages as slackers only concerned with annuals and frivolities, a reputation unduly harsh, but not entirely without merit.

Painter 7, digital--I did the sketch eons ago, and tripped over it a few days ago and decided to finish it off. Prints are available for $10 and $20 plus shipping--send a note or visit [link] for details.
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:'( I always feel sorry for the worms that drown in parking lots, so I save as many as I can. But I can't save ALL of them!
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I :heart: your brain
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AA cute cute cute !!
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shaman would be a better word, instead of mage in this case
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Too predictable.

She doesn't do predictable.
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This is brilliant.

Now I want to see the other two.
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*squeeeeeee (proceeds to fall off chair with a case of severe cuteness overload*
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Very nice :nod: The text made me laugh ^^
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How do leaf- and stem-mages fit into all this?
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I was born on 1984, Year of the Wood Rat (which is how I see this artwork).

Amazing~ ^^
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Cute! It remember me a Hippie XD
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Aww, what a concept! Such a simple picture, yet it overflows with originality. >w< I love the description.
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simply awesome :)
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Your imagination in these pieces is something special. Also loving how the art is just as vibrant! Nice shading.
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funny & sweet work! ;)
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You're going to kill me from cuteness overload. I just can't take it anymore!
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"Hey man, I've got this great seed.. makes you forget who you are maaaan..."

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Very nice. Lovely concepts as well.
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Very cute though!
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Awwww so cute and pretty :D I love it!
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