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Secrets of Calm

I was in the garden and suddenly thought "I want a tiny moose."
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Darn! Now I want one, too. :| (Blank Stare)

Funny, I liked it! :D (Big Grin) 
TheSkaldofNvrwinter's avatar
It's the simple things.
DollaWolla's avatar
;) Must've came from the island of Gulliver's Travels...
Draconia4's avatar
hah I want one too.
WickedWahine808's avatar
This is so awesome, their expressions :)
Don't have a tiny moose but feel like the hamster who has one... I must have one just didn't know I did.

*Puts hand in pocket*
Oh! look! Mah very own tinee moose! Dance! 
Gristle-McNerd's avatar
I... kinda want to have a tiny moose tattooed on my body somewhere now. It would be my first (and most likely only) tattoo. Would that be very weird?
doodlebugRP's avatar
I NEED a tiny moose! I freak out about all that stuff on a regular schedule!
RavensOwnCurios's avatar
Now I want a tiny moose!
EmmetEarwax's avatar
As if tiny rpdents worry about anything wrong with man.

Birds sitting on a fence wouldn't care if man became extinct... (see Bradbury s THERE WILL COME SOFT RAINS. A post-apocalypse story with NO characters !)
Riana-art's avatar
Aww, if that works, I need a whole herd of tiny mooses :)
AiweAlako's avatar
I...I needed this today. Thank you.
Gronk is the perfect noise for a moose. I love how tiny details like that can really make a piece work.
PaulEberhardt's avatar
The "Gronk!" really cracked me up.

You're quite right! Everyone should have a tiny moose around somewhere! :D
memoryOfTomrrow's avatar
I have a tiny moose! Granted, it's plastic. But it has an equally tiny sign around its neck that says "very sincere" with the Rs backwards. It is a calming artifact, truth.
Hymenomycotina's avatar
I need a tiny moose, as I am currently in the first hamster's shoes.
And so you made a comic of it...because after all, where else can you have a tiny moose? :)

Why do you want a tiny moose again? :)
Alberthein1's avatar
I thought to my self - "I want a banana-tailsuit"
Because that would be totally sweet..

But i'd probably have to get it made because noone sells them :l
lilluvlyan9el's avatar
that is life--appreciating the little things. Thank you for this reminder. ::Hugs::
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brijome's avatar
Sooooo great! Love your message!
Everch's avatar
Finally, the solution to all the world's problems! Where can I get one?
Hawksong76's avatar
Tiny moose makes everything better!
TarmaHartley's avatar
This is ADORABLY CUTE! LOVE the tiny moose! :icongrin--plz:

That's what this world needs: tiny moose to make everything better. So cute! :)


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