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Scribbly and Ink Tutorial

By ursulav
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A coupla people have asked how I do the scribbly thing, and a whole bunch of people have asked for tutorials over the years, so here goes nothin’—a scribbly-and-ink tutorial! Click the painting to get the gigantic mondo huge enormously long jpg of doom.
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Wow those techniques are really cool! I'm sure going to try them! 
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Beautiful, wonderful, fun and now I want to do one!
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Hey! Your tutorial really helped me with bits of this > [link]

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Awesome~! Thanks
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Perhaps better late than never: Here's a pic I did, excited and inspired by this tutorial.


Thanks so much for sharing your technique. It was much fun, and steered me away from my usual anal-retentive self for a short while.
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I love how you got the texture on this! And yes, white acrylic ink is the artist friend, in fact I'm going to be getting some for another artist friend of mine for his birthday XD
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I wanted to thank you for this tutorial. I remember finding this deviation a few years ago. I gave scribbles a try and now I use this tecnique all the time. Thanks for the inspiration.
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Thanks Bud! It's really handy!
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hey, do you use watercolor pencils or just normal colored ones? Because even if I do pencil drawings, I always use watercolor pencils, softer and richer color. I'm using your technique for a portrait for a friends birthday (:
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Thanks Ursula!! I made one :D [link]

Love your stuff, as always :D
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Great tutorial, really.
It's very useful. Thanks! :+fav:
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I always love reading anything that you write. Which of course leads me to reading aloud to anyone who will listen, so as par usual, my boyfriend still thinks I'm nuts. Oh well. Excellent tutorial. If I had any money at all I'd run out and buy the listed supplies!
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I will try that.
It lookes better then it could ever in photoshop.
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Interesting methods you got, I'll try them.
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Maybe I'll eventually get around to trying this! I love the little birds and cheap tips. :D
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Nice tutorial! I love the effect of the scribbs! Very cool!
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Very useful tutorial! I love how you used different mediums. Hehe I usually sketch digitally as well and then print it out. I haven't yet found a good method to get it nice on paper =P

Thanks for making it ;D
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This is cool :) Interesting technique you use, but it look great.

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Awesome! Thanks for taking the time to tut! :nod:
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I tried it out :) [link]

Gah, you make it look so easy lol. Great tips. I love acrylic ink! I would never have thought to use it, thanks!
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hey um what kind of paper would you use for this?
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thanks ^^ i really needed the tips on acrylic!
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very nice turtorial
i love your wit and your technique

nice details too-yet you dont go so far as to do it FOR them
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