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Scribbly and Ink Tutorial by ursulav Scribbly and Ink Tutorial by ursulav
A coupla people have asked how I do the scribbly thing, and a whole bunch of people have asked for tutorials over the years, so here goes nothin’—a scribbly-and-ink tutorial! Click the painting to get the gigantic mondo huge enormously long jpg of doom.
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drosera-sundews Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2013  Professional General Artist
Wow those techniques are really cool! I'm sure going to try them! 
kitten42 Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2013  Professional Artisan Crafter
Beautiful, wonderful, fun and now I want to do one!
kateangus Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2012
Hey! Your tutorial really helped me with bits of this > [link]

vampiichan Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2012
Awesome~! Thanks
deathmango Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2012
Perhaps better late than never: Here's a pic I did, excited and inspired by this tutorial.


Thanks so much for sharing your technique. It was much fun, and steered me away from my usual anal-retentive self for a short while.
silvercrossfox Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2011  Professional General Artist
I love how you got the texture on this! And yes, white acrylic ink is the artist friend, in fact I'm going to be getting some for another artist friend of mine for his birthday XD
SwirlyPaisley Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2010  Student Traditional Artist
I wanted to thank you for this tutorial. I remember finding this deviation a few years ago. I gave scribbles a try and now I use this tecnique all the time. Thanks for the inspiration.
FollowerOfLight Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2010
Thanks Bud! It's really handy!
Nimindil Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2009
hey, do you use watercolor pencils or just normal colored ones? Because even if I do pencil drawings, I always use watercolor pencils, softer and richer color. I'm using your technique for a portrait for a friends birthday (:
SylviaDraws Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2009  Professional Filmographer
Thanks Ursula!! I made one :D [link]

Love your stuff, as always :D
zookydragon Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2009  Student General Artist
Great tutorial, really.
It's very useful. Thanks! :+fav:
Marsupial-Love Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2009
I always love reading anything that you write. Which of course leads me to reading aloud to anyone who will listen, so as par usual, my boyfriend still thinks I'm nuts. Oh well. Excellent tutorial. If I had any money at all I'd run out and buy the listed supplies!
SchwarzerRitter Featured By Owner May 25, 2009
I will try that.
It lookes better then it could ever in photoshop.
SilverSaintAbram Featured By Owner May 20, 2009
Interesting methods you got, I'll try them.
MinorTechnicality Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
Maybe I'll eventually get around to trying this! I love the little birds and cheap tips. :D
PearlWhitecrow Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2009  Professional Traditional Artist
Nice tutorial! I love the effect of the scribbs! Very cool!
Nightscales Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
Very useful tutorial! I love how you used different mediums. Hehe I usually sketch digitally as well and then print it out. I haven't yet found a good method to get it nice on paper =P

Thanks for making it ;D
Kietra-Akine Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2009
angelwolftears Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2008
This is cool :) Interesting technique you use, but it look great.

wa11a6y-shots Featured By Owner May 22, 2008
Awesome! Thanks for taking the time to tut! :nod:
purplegoldfish Featured By Owner May 8, 2008
I tried it out :) [link]

Gah, you make it look so easy lol. Great tips. I love acrylic ink! I would never have thought to use it, thanks!
crazyella Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2008
hey um what kind of paper would you use for this?
ShiiLovesHim Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2007
thanks ^^ i really needed the tips on acrylic!
shadowfire-kitsune Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2007
very nice turtorial
i love your wit and your technique

nice details too-yet you dont go so far as to do it FOR them
SailingBreezes Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2007  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I am SO trying this technique on my next painting. Thank you very much for showing this to us~! :D
bungot Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2007
very nice! now i will draw like a artist dude. hi5!
Moondance666 Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2007
Amazing tutorial, great work! Thank you so much for sharing, this was really inspirational :heart: Also, your methods are very impressive. The scribbling part looks interesting, I'll might have to try that. You write really well too, some of your explanations made me laugh (in a positive way, mind you). You explain things so they're easy to understand, even for us newbies. Though I don't really get how you use the pens in the middle of everything, it seems a bit complicated. But it looks lovely, so again, thanks for sharing =)
zabriske-point Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2007
Hey, great effect!
And very useful tutorial ;)
Pyridoxine Featured By Owner May 14, 2007
I am so excited after seeing this!!! I have a box full of wonderful paints and prismacolor pencils and I, in all honesty, am not very good at using them yet. I've recently started to work with pencils again after my tablet broke (though so far I am really undermining my talent and wasting my time blindly coloring printer paper).... so the point is THANK YOU, I'm going to take what I learned here and hope to improve my art. Thank you!! :D
xXSiegXx Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2007  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Very nice. ^ ^

Merrick1628 Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2007  Student Traditional Artist
I used your method for awesome texture. [link] ..only I didn't have many of the ingredients for your recipe. :\
Thanks :D
Topknot-Dragonbane Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2007
Thanks fer sharing.
technococcus Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2006
Wow. That's one amazing tutorial. Though I don't get to do much traditional art, I feel like I'm probably just a little bit better an artist if only for having looked at this.
willow-fox Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2006
Thank you for the tutorial, i dreamed to found something about washing! :hug: I got an other question but about scanning... my scanner blurry most of my draws have you any tips? About how to fix it?
spookehness Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2006
This is so awesome and useful! *takes notes*
dragynsidhe Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2006  Hobbyist General Artist
Wow and such.

Thank you(!!), from a body who doesn't have any idea how to paint but would like to try it.
MicaSilverwind Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2006
amazing! I never thought to use markers and watercolor paints in the

I may take a whack at this!
NekoWashu Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2006
This is great! :giggle: I love the lil bug in the gem. Cute touch!
MableTheRabbid Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2006  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks a lot for sharing some of your techniques with all of us. I love the artwork that goes it with, so much detail and great use of shading and highlighting.
The-Devi-stator Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2006
Awesome tut! :)
Anebrd Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2006
Not only did I fave this, I am saving it to my desktop. I know I will find this extremely useful!
missfridz Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2006   Interface Designer
u roxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx! thanks...GOD blesss ya!
apeman505 Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2006  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I do like this tutorial!
ictius Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2006  Professional Interface Designer
thanks for share
grey-leaf Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2006
ah-a perfect tutorial!
Obi-quiet Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2006
That is an amazing tutorial. I must say, I am impressed.
DoodleDragon Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2006
Thank you for the tutorial. I have been wondering how you did you scribbly technique.
UrAshenTragedy Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2006
This technique is awesome. I love the scribbly and ink technique. XDD; Thanks for sharing your process. :]
Cha-ki Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2006
Oh, excellent tutorial! Funny and comprehensive!

I drew a picture that I really wanted to do in oil paints, but the sketch was on a sheet of paper, and I can't get it right freehand on my canvas. So I actually have two questions: 1.) Would an opaque projecter be what I could use to help transfer the sketch, and 2.) Do you have any idea where I might find something like the one you have? I'm working with kind of a tiny budget...
ursulav Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2006
An opaque projector may work, but it'd have to a small sketch. One option may be to scan the sketch, and then print it at a size (3 x 3 inches, say) that'd fit under a cheap opaque projector.

You can get something like that for between $20-40 at a craft store, the tracing projectors for kids are really cheap, and they're pretty much the same as the ones for adults--the quality isn't so crisp, but if you're just transfering sketches, it's definitely worth a shot.
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