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Saint Azul is one of the patron saints of gardeners, who seem to require a lot of divine intervention as a group, since when you garden, you pretty much shove something in the ground, make it a little offering of water and fertilizer, and pray for a miracle.

Azul is specifically the patron of bulbs, and is invoked by those who are trying to remember where exactly they planted those tulips, whether they're supposed to take the irises up in fall or not, and whether or not they accidentally put the daffodils in upside-down. Medals of St. Azul buried in beds are believed to protect against incursions by moles and field mice.


9 x 12, mixed media, and man, am I glad that book is done. The energy I suddenly have! I'm still not quite ready to throw myself into art again, but a quick saint seemed like a nice change of pace.

Original is for sale, prints available for $10 plus shipping. (Buy multiple saints and get a discount!) Send a note or visit [link] for details.
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I remember this wonderful piece when i was a simple visitor here on DA, your Artworks always caught my interest. I love how you colour them and the funny and lively poses and expression your subjects have. Keep it up!