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Saddle Guinea

The guinea pig is not known as a smart or reliable steed, nor even a terribly fast one, although they can put on a good scrambling turn of speed when panicked (often into walls, while uttering a frantic "WHEEP! WHEEP!" as they go.) But they're cute and good-natured and exceedingly docile, and they utter a charming purr when happy, so people insist on thinking they're a good mount for the elderly and infirm. This has led to the regrettably common sight in many cities--first the distant piercing "WHEEP! WHEEP!" and the thin screams of the invalid tied to it, then the scrabbling gallop of the frightened saddle guinea, then at last, it comes into view, a panicky cavy charging through the streets, bowling over the populace, flailing senior in the saddle hauling uselessly on the ears (they're steered by the ears, but not well) causing havoc, knocking over melon carts and market stalls, before at last the whoops of terror fade into the distance, another guinea hit-and-run come and gone.

But damn, they're cute.

Ahem. This is just a quick and tiny little 5 x 7, one of the paintings for Anthrocon, which I will be attending in Philadelphia from the 7th-11th. Come by the table! Visit the art show! Bid on this piece! I'll have prints as well, and scads more art, which won't be uploaded 'til after the Con, but I wanted to put at least one up, and this is the smallest.

Prints available for $10, drop a line!
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I just love Guinea pigs!!! This picture IS adawable!!:love: ahh just the thought of Guinea pigs…

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Tosia will surely leave Blackie.
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Tosia is terribly afraid of loneliness and I think I hide it terribly. I put it on the bed, covered the place in which it was hiding and terribly wanted to hide and then loudly probably squeaked loudly.
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Or surely he'll hear Blackie.
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Yesterday, Tosia was near the cage and began to get a loud hoot and probably suddenly ran to Blackie.
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Brother named swinke Tosia grrrr, perhaps the worst name for a guinea pig.
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Brother named mumps.
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Pfffft this is amazing
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So cute! It looks awesome!
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Guinea pigs are the best
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So cute! I remember back when we had guinea pigs we would talk about what if guinea pigs could be steeds
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He is so cute !!! :love: :heart:
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This cracks me up hahaha The picture is so cute and the story just makes it haha
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This is a brilliant idea!! :D
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Great drawing and love the explaination underneath!
When I'm a senior I don't want a boring mobility scooter, I want a guinea pig to ride! XD
Mine have some growing to do before I can ride them tho. 0_o
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