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Sad Winged Phalloi


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Can't. Stop. Drawing. These. Must. Seek. Help.

My buddy Otter is totally goading me on. We are not well. I may make a set of Valentine's Day cards with these little guys. I mean, can't you see this one with the caption "I'm so blue without you" or something horrible like that? Agggghhh! Cute and historically rooted and horribly wrong! Cannot resist! STOP ME BEFORE I PAINT AGAIN!


If you missed the first one, this is a modern re-interpretation of a common theme in Greek and Roman art, where these little guys often had wings, tails, feet like a lion,*and occasionally genitals of their own. I didn't go THERE, though.

That would just be WEIRD.

Anyway, 5 x 7, mixed media on bristol vellum, basically a quick wash of acrylic ink and a lot of colored pencil with some more ink (PITT pens from Faber-Castell, accept no substitutes) and a little white acrylic. Original is for sale, prints are available for $10 plus shipping, send a note or visit [link] to order and may Hermes have mercy on our souls.

*Same thing shows up in Thailand, oddly enough. Convergent cultural evolution?
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Love it.  Did you know there is a Phallic museum in Iceland?