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Sabertoothed Toad

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Quick little doodle of that mighty marauder of the paleolithic, bane of fish, bugs, rodents, and very very small mammoths--the fearsome Sabertoothed Toad.
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Rancor1 Photographer
wow, that's awesome. It looks like he has a smug grin on his face. Cleaver
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Mad-But-HappyProfessional Filmographer
Too cute! :XD:
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OH MY GOD this brings back memories. My great aunt thinks a toad hopped at her with fangs once.
Mabe it was this toad...
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i just love it.
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FuzzyYakHobbyist Photographer

there is no emoticon or word for how funny this is and much I LOVE it!!!!


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RemiroQuaiHobbyist Photographer
I see you have found Bubba my pet Sabretooth Toad. Would you mind returning him to me... I mis him.
I love this drawing it is really inspiring.. :hug:
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SO much more convincing than that sabertooth squirrel from ICe AGe. He looks like the perfect pet!
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A toad with fangs. Now that strange. Looks like I better keep my hands off of those.
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awwh! omg i love this!!! you are the MASTER of color too, this rocks
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I love your frogs/toads/reptiles.
Cute like I remember from my young-years childhood.
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raregasHobbyist General Artist
huee...cool frog with fangs and all...nice colors tooman...very simple..:D (Big Grin) i like..
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LOL a fanged frog.. now i have seen everything... Laughing my ass off!
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hahaha. i like the colors best.
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eilidhProfessional Digital Artist
hahaha! He seems soooo pleased with his fangs! :D (Big Grin)
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dilloProfessional Traditional Artist
*sniggers stupidly* Saber-toothed frog... how silly... Utterly ludicrous...



...I want one. *stuffs it in her klepto bag*
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Tee hee! [pets]
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*talks in Australian accent* "The Sabertoothed Toad is probably one of the most fearsome creatures in the prehistoric world..."

Lol. Cool pic ^^
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Hehe...he seems very pleased about something...perhaps he's discovered a whole herd of wooly flies...(ew...lame joke...bad linnie)
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leotheyardiechickProfessional Traditional Artist
rofl I'm sorry, but...rofl I probably should be scared, but I find this guy too funny!! :D (Big Grin)
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*stares at it and just laughs*

Great work XD
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Very cool frog, those teeth look nasty... don't want to get bitten by him... nice work.
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Rayfan Writer
"Very, very small mammoths!" Heh Laughing Like it! The concept of the paleolithic sabertooth toad in itself is very funny.
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Grandpa!!! rofl

I've not seen the poor guy in so long. Something about evolution, extinction and such XD Err, enough rambling! On to the critique!

The nice, soft colours look great in this picture with the penmark, it's looks nice on the picture, and he looks very shiney on his pads as well ^.^ I like his kind of blank expression, and his big, bumpy...toadiness XD

But one thing I did notice, and you probably did, too--the angle is wrong for the sabres. The rightmost one is fine, but the other, at the angle he's sitting, if it's even on his face, should be on the *other side* of his face, partly hidden by his snout. I think the problem came because you drew the one nostril sideways just a little (where actually is would be further over, and possibly not even visible) and then got conflicting angle...thingies. Don't worry, the exact thing happens to me when I'm trying to draw my character, and it just take some work to get accustomed to it. Us amphibians are darned hard to draw! Especially with a sombrero on! Crazy

Nice work, anyhow. Perhaps he's just a very, very disturbed little toad, from eating all those enormous radioactive dragonflies. Hrmm...perhaps the follow-up picture should be "The Toad that Ate Chicago!" LOL Raah!
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Kinda clever! :D (Big Grin) I'd be scared. Really.

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