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Running Rabbit Monoprint

Another experiment with water-soluble pastel silkscreening, reworked with colored pencil. This was a bigger one, and the feet just didn't want to print--not sure if it was due to size or the pastel I was using--one of the colors, a pale green, didn't seem to want to print at all, maybe the binder was weird or something--so the feet had to be more heavily reworked than the rest.

I was going for a very clean abstraction kinda look. Ironically, the piece with more detail printed much more cleanly than the one with less. I'm not sure why that was--fluke, maybe! More experimentation is called for...

Got 3 prints off this one, one of which will be on e-bay at [link] . I like the running rabbit silhouette enough that I may have to do a watercolor or two of the same design...since I seem to be doing variations on a theme anyway!
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I was trying to think of what this picture reminds me of for a few minutes, and I realized that it looks like the one scene from the movie Watership Down- when Fiver thinks that Hazel died and they play the song 'Bright Eyes' in the background, and there's glowing rabbits flying all over the place.

Lol, I'm taking a trip down memory lane... XD
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Looks like a banana!
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this rabbit isn´t runnig, he is flying! beautifull work!
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Wonderful colors, reminds me of a rastaman and a mango at the same time :D
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Heat, light, Vibrant life energy... Bravo.
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This reminds me of "Watership Down". I love the color accents on his feet and ears. :D
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Dare I say that he looks like the Black Rabbit of Inle's opposite? Okay, I did. I dunno if you've read Richard Adam's Watership Down, but you should. It's a wonderful novel, though a bit violent at a few parts, I'm sure you'd love it :aww:
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Very nice reminds me of Watership down...loved that movie as a kid ^^
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would make a cool tattoo..
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It looks like, if you licked it, it would taste like snozzberries...
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I have to say your experiment was a success. :nod:
It does have a kinda abstract look to it...the reason I like it so much. :heart:!!!
Wicked job!!
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Nice. :) Have you perhaps read Watership down, or watched the movie?
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it's El-ahrairah!

i love the colouring. this technique really seems to be working for you.
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so cute! can you make a turtle monoprint? for me?
with practice, anyone can master the art of thankfulness
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Pretty!! (my nickname is Da Bunny, so anything with bunnies on it = awesome... but I love the coloring and the pose (is that the correct term for a picture of an animal?) on this one!!!!!!)
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Reminds me of Watership Down. I loved that book.
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Bunnies are always good. n___n You should do a set of prints of abstractions of different breeds or something. Those could really fetch something on eBay. You know how much bunny memorabilia is sold there? n___n;;
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i thought the feet turned out very well, u really did a good job on it
it has a nice effect to it i think
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yeelow bunneh 8D
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Awesome! I set it as my background if you dont mind ^^
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He's late for a very important date~

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