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Ringtail Heart


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One of a series of simple little portraits of various species holding hearts. (I know, I know, it's a cheesy-as-hell premise, but I'm having a lot of fun with the textures, and with the small size of the pieces--6 x 6--contrasted with fairly dramatic brush strokes in the coloring, and the raised 3-D textures of the background.)

Plus it gives me a format to finally paint all those species that I keep going "Man, I should paint one of those someday..." and then never getting around to it.

Same mixed media digital-and-traditional as the unsaints. Most of these will be going to Anthrocon with me--so far I've got the ringtail, a flying fox, and a sun conure, and there's a tamandua in the works, although he may have to be 6 x 8 to accomodate his enormous shnozz--unless somebody wishes to make the usual offer-I-can't-refuse.

Prints are available! Order them directly from Red Wombat Studio at [link]
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Follow this link... I have been looking into the whole art theft site thing and while flipping through screen shots of the site I found one of yours o.o... Thought you might want to know :/ [link]