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Richard the Frogheart

By ursulav
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In the endless round of doing Dragonbreath, I did manage to get something else done--this was a fun little commission of a vivid frog based on the shield of Richard the Lionheart.
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Whoa, you got some class brother... nice tattoos!
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English medieval history and frogs? What's not to love? Fantastic!
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Nice little figure here. I like the title "frogheart" -- and I very much like the idea of heraldric frogs. It seems very much in keeping with your art. :)
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Heehee~! That's so cute! Love the details on the frog's back, well done
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Wow, super cute! I love the colors, the red is so vivid and the blue and golds just jump off of him! Great work!
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very cute concept.
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Very cool. I love that one. :D
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Wow, that's such a cool froggie :9 <3 I love it!
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Ninjas cane have turtles, but knights want frogs!! Chilvary ribbits! :frog:

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Funny and great idea:) As always wonderful colours:)
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:laughing: Truly this is the most regal-looking frog I have ever seen. :)

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Hee, lovely! And the lions look so happy. :heart:
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why is it that so few of history's heros are likened to frogs? it should happen more often.
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aww hes so cute, I love the bright colors!
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Dragon Frog! Good one!
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Witty and vibrant.
I found this so attractive. :)
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Great colours and cool design! Awesome picture :)
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This picture just makes me smile. I adore the bold colors and the designs on the frog. :)
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That's one heck of a tattoo on that frog. Must've been difficult to apply, though -- those colors scream "touch me and die!" So, it'd take very fine control, thick gloves, and praying very hard that the frog won't leap at your face...

The shininess made me smile. Thanks for putting this up!
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"Dendrobates Valorius"
Forgive me, I've been on a frog-naming kick recently.
I think I'm the only on who does this.
Love his expression and the blue stripes.
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