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Rasta Cthulhu

By ursulav
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The destruction of humanity was somewhat delayed when the sunken island of R'lyeh arose from the deeps just off the coast of Jamaica.

Jä, cthulhu ftaghn!

I wasn't able to do what I wanted with the smoke on the Muerte Mouse--the style didn't really accomodate it--so then I needed an excuse, and I hadn't painted Happy Cthulhu for awhile, and...well...

A smidge under 9 x 12, mixed media on Bristol, original is for sale, prints are available for $10 and $20 plus shipping, send a note or drop an e-mail to ursulav(at) to set that up or inquire about pricing.
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Smoke dat eldritch ‘erb, mon

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This is hilarious
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Yah, Cthulhu right iree, mon!
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He might be a little TOO happy...
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Oh God. The tentacled Octo-God of the Old Ones... is tripping balls...
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Lol he looks totally like he's stoned....
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And that's how humanity will survive all those eldritch abominations. Great job.
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The Cool of Cthulhu?
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This is definitely one to share!
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I love in my page I ve got a raving rabbit rasta looks my page . Sorry I m french my english is very bad
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Hi! We're a group of journalism students from Spain, and our final year project consists of a RPG magazine. We would use your drawing to illustrate an article about cthulhu evolution. Would you agree to cooperate with us? The drawing will only be used for the article and will not be used for any commercial purpose.
You can send us the image and your permission to:
Thank you very much for you attention.

enROLate magazine
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bwahah, this is amazing idea. The ultimate evilness enjoying the peace herb. Very nice job too =)
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ffffffffff tentacle dreads
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so this is how the human resistance would stop him
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yes, this is really creative! Love it!
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great one, chtulu should totally have been a rasta
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I love the texture, specially in the sun
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Jah, respect to ya, brother. :D
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