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Rabbits in Masks

Doodling lots of rabbits in masks these last couple of's one of the sketchbook pages. The one on the middle right was in response to a buddy who said I had to draw one wearing the plague-doctor hat and stick, since they all looked like they had the plague-doctor mask anyway...

Where have I seen masked rabbits before? Why do they seem familiar...?
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All I can think of is Sander Cohen's poem.
I just finished that game yesterday, Minion, and was thinking the same thing. Yeek.
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You are so weird. I have no idea where masked bunnies could have come from, but now I'm going to be wondering about it all day.
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HA. Before I read the comments, I was going to say that they look like plague doctors.

Only, I guess without the smoking nostrils.
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The one with the hat and stick looks like a little gentleman.

I was actually in a play about the plague, and we made one of these masks to use in it. Creepy stuff.
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I give people that same feeling when I read them a poem I was read when I was tiny called "The Kingdom of Is." I can't find who wrote it or where it came from, but I know that it was read to me from a book when I was very small. I've been trying to find the author for over ten years but all my searches end in vain, and most people who hear it (I had it memorized) or read it swear to me they heard it when they were small, and like me, can't recall who read it to them.
Is one of the lines -

"The world as fact and first light to my eyes"?
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No... Although that IS an interesting line.
It's actually a sort of fairy tale with the moral to never stop dreaming. It's really long, I'd feel bad posting it all here on her painting.
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I... I doubt his is what you're looking for.... but this creeps me out!


On another note... share the liens of poetry that you remember here anf Maybe I can google something up that you havn't been able to. :)
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You could always try google searching some of the lines.
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I have. :( I've been doing it several times a year, and nothing ever pops up excapt the occasional "Dude, I found this awesome poem so I'll post it in my LiveJournal - Who wrote it?"
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I have no ideas then. Maybe a librarian would know?
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Bunnies with masks remind me of "The Maxx", but only the concept, not the end result :P
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plague doctor masks are a great design element. I would walk around wearing one if I could and almost anything looks much creepier when you put on on it..
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That little one curled up in the bottom left is my fave.
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They remind me of the Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus, where Heath Ledger wears one of those masks...
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For some reason, they really remind me of Watership Down, especially of Fiver's visions.
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They rather remind me of "The Last Elegant Bear", if you know the book.
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They remind me of a phase in my art I'm going through: bird like man creatures that look like their for the rabbit symbolic representations of emotions and human actions/life styles.
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The masks remind me of bird skulls. Have you drawn or seen rabbits w/ bird heads or bird skull helms or anything like that?
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It makes me think of carnival
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