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Rabbit in Mask

5 x7, more mixed media--this was on a patterned paper (you can still see the kanji in the rabbit's body) The red rust-like marks arose from applying molding paste in lines, deciding I hated it an hour later, and sanding it most of the way off, then coloring the remaining bits with acrylic ink. Went back to a glossy medium to seal this one.

I've been drawing rabbits with plague-doctor style masks for two days. Too much Assassin's Creed 2, maybe. I can't shake the feeling I've seen rabbits in masks somewhere before--it seemed less like an idea I was coming up with than one I was remembering--but I failed to turn anything up on Google other than a bunch of REALLY creepy photos of kid's masks*, so maybe I'm hallucinating.

Prints available, original is for sale. [link]

*Unnnngghghghg. Donnie Dark had nuthin' on some of these.
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i am astonished by the idea of a rabbit wearing a mask. and maybe you dreamt about a rabbit in a mask.
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Simplistic and really sends chills! If I were to get a tattoo, I might take from this (not any time soon, unfortunately, but were I to, would you mind?)
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the mask looks like the mask of a plague doctor from the middle ages. They used to wear white masks with beaks and inside them would be garlic or something because they thought that protected them from getting the plague.
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Very lovely artwork.;) Lovely idea and wonderful rabbit.:la:;p
found what it might have reminded you of. your other picture, Plague Rabbit Doodle.
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My dad had this plan to make the costume of the plague doctor and wear it to Dutch Elf Fantasy Fair this weekend. But it's not finished.. He did do lot of research: my father wrote and drew a lot of stuff about them in a book.

I really like how you drew the rabbit with the mask. The background fits it and gives it a certain mood. Well done 8D
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Oooh neat, the plague-mask gives a really eerie, macabre feel to the what would otherwise be a cute and fluffy image.
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I'm having the same sensation. Not to seem like I'm bandwagon jumping at this stage, but I can't find the remembered rabbits in masks either.

Maybe there are masked rabbits lurking in the collective subconscious.

That's a weird and disturbing idea, now that I think about it.
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ive been meaning to draw a rabbit with a crow skull over its head..i some how feel i cant now :c
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D'aw, how cute. X3
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now that I look at it, it does seem familiar in some way. an I know I've never seen anything remotely like this before...
Very nice!

Hmm, masked rabbits... makes me think of your masked hyenas. Which is a disturbing thought, really.
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"I know it's rabbit hunting season, but I'm a duck. See my beak?" *points*
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and you're right... I want to say that I thought I remembered seeing masked rabbits before too, but also can't find or remember where... I apparently didn't even save any pictures to my hard drive fo them either...
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Reminds me of that picture book, The Rabbits.
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Google pulled this page when I tried "rabbits in masks" out of curiosity. Meta. :P
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I once had a dream about people in stylized rabbit masks and I was told that those are common elements in a large percent of people's internal symbolism. Whatever that means!
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I like this! I'd also love to see some of the masks you're talking about...haha.
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this creeps me out
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yeah, i get that same vauge familiarity too.. sirte reminds me of shadow of the colossus.
hmm. maybe tehre is some sort of larger story to be told.. the next valley over from the gear labyrinth or something.
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I think a mask is an excellent precaution; rabbits do have a thousand enemies, you know.
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Reminds me of BioShock.
The Sander Cohen section, when you're attacked by all of the stage actors wearing bunny masks x3
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