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Rabbit 1

ACEO sized sketch of a rabbit. I used to draw rabbits all the time as a kid, probably because of a serious Watership Down obsession in fourth grade...
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WD has me bawling all the time.
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I dunno how old fourth graders are, but i read WD for the first time when I was about 6 or 7 and I absolutely loved it too. Very cute sketches.
This is really a comment on your LJ, but I don't have an account there - You want to know what really keeps off deer? Those battery-powered devices you attach to a stake and to your garden hose. They have a motion- and heat- sensor, and when a deer passes in front, they spray the hose at it. It works! I had lilies in my garden for five years and never saw a bloom because of the #@! deer. And let's not mention roses. But now they bloom every year. And the kids always love showing new friends the garden...
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This reminds me of a kids' book I had when I was little. I think it was called "The Runaway Bunny"...
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I LOVE Watership Down! I even have the VHS cartoon movie.
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You read WD in 4th grade?! Were you traumatized? Did you get it?
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I loved it!

I can't swear that I picked up on all the themes, but I got enough of it to be completely obsessed.
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Wow man I didn't start reading that till like late middle school! You're quite a smart cookie my dear! :heart:
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Cute! I love it, and Watership Down... ;)
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