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Quail and Quagga

Still prepping like mad for the con's one of the little 5 x 7's going in. Quail and Quagga! Thrown together too often in the alphabet, which may account for some of the apparent tension between them. (Not nearly as much as between the Unicorn and the Ural Owl, though. Those two can't even be in the same room together.)

Mixed media, 5 x 7. Should be at the show, but if some quagga lover out there absolutely must own it, drop me a line. Prints available for $10 at Red Wombat Studio: [link]
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OMG!! I cannot get over how adorable this is! The look on the Quagga's face is so sad though the eyes look slightly confused but none-the-less this is adorable. Great work!
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gyaaaah! so cute i cant stand it. the softness of the image really adds character. 
Dawwww the quail's so cute!
Almairis's avatar
awww this one is very sweet! I would love to have it in my wall :heart:
Turqoose's avatar
This is so cute! I love your style : )
EyomaGan's avatar
so nice :meow: i like the colors very much and i want to hug both of them :heart:
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Awe that's so cute! I love quaggas.
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aww, so cute <3
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The quagga looks more scared than tense.
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My favorite part is the little curly feather on the quail's head. :D
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Aww, this is so cute! I love the simple, puffiness of the two! That puffy quagga's just adorable! I just LOVE the quails's spiralling plume. That just rocks, as well as its speckled wings.

Great shading, especially on such a simple picture. Great job!
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:aww: They look confused.
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Fff- I was randomly browsing through your gallery and I gasped when I saw this!! Quaggas are so frickin awesome but they're not very popular unfortunately! :(
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So cute :D love your coloring style
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So many Qs! Cute ones at that. I love the personality that comes through. :)
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I love quaggas! Fav+
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aww, really adorable!
flamingtunapictures's avatar
I love this, It's so cute :D never heard of a Quagga though. definite favorite :+fav:
Blasphamee's avatar
D'aww... I reaallllly love your art, yep!
I love quails! And i love quaggas! NOW THEY ARE BOTH TOGETHER AS NATURE INTENDED!
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