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Puppet Monster

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...And that was how Snuggles the hamster learned that yes, things COULD always get worse.

I am so not responsible for this. I was doodling at the coffee shop with some friends, and this was their idea. (Okay, okay, I might have been partially responsible for the hamster...) And since I should totally have been working on all the other stuff that really needed to get done, it was inevitable that I'd be seized with inspiration. I can't look at this piece without hearing the 80's hair band monster saying "Say hello to my leetle friend!" I enjoy doing the occasionally really weird monster, and I don't do it nearly enough. But look at him! One look, and you know that A) he's a real bastard, and B) he probably spends truly insane amounts on hair gel. And he has huge ankles. If I had ankles like that, I would get murals tattooed on them.

Mixed media--watercolor, acrylic, gouache, colored pencil--12 x 16 on arches hotpress watercolor block. Original is for sale! Prints available! Drop me a note or visit [link] for details.
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Just imagine you, are alone at Home and its dark night... than slowly the door of your closet opens... and from the dark you hear taps.... you see the little blue thing and are just like "Ha... thats not scary at all...", turning off the light again... and then the puppet master comes out. This Picture is GREAT!
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ReiluneProfessional General Artist
You're amazing work is featured here: [link] :dance:

Make sure to show the article some love so many many more people can see it! :juggle:

And have a wonderful day! :tighthug:
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dudemon27 Writer
I love that little hamster...
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bdunn1342 General Artist
Snuggles definitely makes this piece. Very nice work. It made me smile, which probably says something not very nice about me. Still, well done. :D
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LoopyWolfProfessional General Artist
Awesome as always =)
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matrixframeHobbyist General Artist
really cool! very nicely drawn
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lol this is like my last party
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ooo! he looks so demented and so evil! i love it XD
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gosh>_> that is cool.
hope u dont mind if i ask u wat programs/tools u made that with >.>...
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rubbeHobbyist General Artist
its watercolors
deathduel's avatar
heh great one 8D
Scarecrow-Jack's avatar
Hmm..., I thought I faved this...
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ArtKitt-CreationsProfessional Digital Artist
Cool, very original! He has freaky legs lol :D
M0nsterShowcase's avatar
That is Amazing!!!
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Halasaar01Student Artist
Pretty cool! I like your style of art very nice!
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wow! he's so cool!! i love him!
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(unloads AC/20 Ultra cannon into the puppet master to buy the hamster some time to get away)
DontGetLostInHeaven's avatar
Im writin a story w/ monsters in it; do you think I could use this picture to base one of the monsters off of? I really like it, just dont expect the book to be printed or anything -_-
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the hamster would have to be the best part
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I happened to be looking through and thought your art familiar, Volume 1 of Digger was printed here at my work...

Anyway nice design for the monster, like his feet :D
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lol, love this, though I must say, he strangely reminds me of the orange things off of the movie Labyrinth. ^.^

Hamster terror! XD
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I scrolled down to Snuggles, looked over at him, and my heart immediately sank, and I mentally screamed "AWWWWWW!" Poor little guy. I LOVE this picture, though. As I do all of your work. That's why I'm faving a lot of it left and right :P The monster and his puppet are so incredible and unique. And the monster's "clothes" are REALLY cool. And I love how the hamster is SO tiny in comparison. Gorgeous work, as always.
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Damn you and your damn talent!!!!! :lmao:
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This is great! I love it! :pumpkin:
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