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Predatory Peppermint Tea

Yay! My tea supplier has acquired two more varieties of tea for us, so here's the label for the first one, Predatory Peppermint! (Watch the journal for ordering information--the stuff sells out fast!)

This design features the Little Creature, a small fierce beast who drinks peppermint tea, and whose adventures can be read at: [link]
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Goshawk-Gyrefalcon's avatar
It's adorable! the links don't work again, though.
OtherworldyFauna's avatar
I read the stories - they are morbidly fluffy and happy. A strangly happy combination.

Your art is lovely, as always <3
Luckysweep's avatar
If it isn't the CUTEST evil terror ever!
Republic-of-Bokonton's avatar
So.... This ISN'T real? Wow. Amazing. I stumbled across you 'Hama Sutra' and I lurve your stuff! XD
agedghost's avatar
hellos, you were featured here:
alexluna's avatar
I need this tea. I bet it's refreshingly evil.
Namamuran's avatar
Oh god, it's too adorable *sobsob*
apeman505's avatar
I should order some of this for my girlfriend....
Claw-Ravenscroft's avatar
XD cool. Very cute. :)
Superdemon-Inuyasha's avatar
hehe cute XD nice job on this!
Lilithx13's avatar
I remember Little creature! :D Cute. =)
BAMillustration's avatar
I guess it was inevitable; the Little Creature was bound to show up on one of these teas eventually.
liolli's avatar
heh he doesn't look quite that predatory. =]
danc1ng1nthera1n's avatar
i would buy it just for the label
zJoriz's avatar
Beautiful design, great type and colours :)
Haruka--chan's avatar
ADORABLE!!! I would SO buy that tea. ^^
Lanthir44's avatar
Oh wow, that's wonderful! Seriously, I wanna be little creature when I grow up. ...*If* I grow up.
lordzasz's avatar
Awww, so cute and evil! :D
Zilther's avatar
its cute but looks evil at the same time :P
Urivkhvost's avatar
Hell, why not, I'd drink it.
Urivkhvost's avatar
Wait.... only if it didn't kick my ass. yeah. I'd drink it if it promised not to kill me. :nod:
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