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Precious Maggots

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So I did this doodle of a Cuddlemaggot (tm) which is over in scraps, as part of some thoughts I was having about cute character design of really unpleasant things. And several people said that it looked kinda Precious Moments.

Because I am a bad person, the mental jump to Precious Maggots took about four seconds, and the desire to draw one was instantaneous.

And so, Little Bo Peep Maggot, herding her woolly caterpillars, was born. (It was that or a little angel maggot with a harp...) To get the look right, I actually had to go look at Precious Moments stuff on-line, and if anybody ever tells me that I don't suffer for my art, I'm going to be bringing this up.

The scary thing was how fun it was...

And what the hell, I have prints! You have nurseries to decorate in a subversive manner, right? $10 plus shipping, drop a line or visit [link]
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too cute. I love it. Love 
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   It's an old drawing ╰(*´︶`*)╯♡ 
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DracoPhobosStudent Filmographer
awwwww maggotsheep~~
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Now whoever said that insects can't be cute should have a gander at this!
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RougealienpirateStudent Traditional Artist
So sweet
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Aww cute~ This reminds me of a level from Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage. It had these worm guys, and one was called Little Bo Peep, and had lost his... sheep... like things?
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manly-manHobbyist Traditional Artist
There is no better word to describe this than "D'awww." Makes me think of Little Bo Peep.

You should totally make one that's a black sheep. Hell, an entire flock of them, since bugs are kinda the black sheep of the cute animals.
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Oh, now I expect that you'll want to push your love of maggots and the Christian tradition onto us all.

JK, I absolutely love this.
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smokedcamelHobbyist Traditional Artist
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reverecheHobbyist Digital Artist
The maggot sheep actually look exactly look Cymothoa exigua, the parasite that replaces fish tongues: [link]
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TrueMefistaHobbyist General Artist

even my all-things-worm-hating lil sister liked it
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awww, this would be the best childs song ever.
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cultofphil Writer
I am completely without words. I shouldn't think maggots are cute but somehow you have managed to make a maggot adorable. Kudos.
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wow it's so cure
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This made my day!!
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this is amazingly hilarious.
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Maggots freak me out, but this just makes me forget about it. It's so cute!
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It's so cute, in a really horrible way!!! You should do a series of them...
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Awwe... it makes you forget they eat horrible horrible things :D
"in every lifetime history is made"
-me :)
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hahaha, Precious maggotts
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