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Precious Maggots



So I did this doodle of a Cuddlemaggot (tm) which is over in scraps, as part of some thoughts I was having about cute character design of really unpleasant things. And several people said that it looked kinda Precious Moments.

Because I am a bad person, the mental jump to Precious Maggots took about four seconds, and the desire to draw one was instantaneous.

And so, Little Bo Peep Maggot, herding her woolly caterpillars, was born. (It was that or a little angel maggot with a harp...) To get the look right, I actually had to go look at Precious Moments stuff on-line, and if anybody ever tells me that I don't suffer for my art, I'm going to be bringing this up.

The scary thing was how fun it was...

And what the hell, I have prints! You have nurseries to decorate in a subversive manner, right? $10 plus shipping, drop a line or visit [link]
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