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Prairie In A Teacup

Sometimes--most of the time--this is what I feel like I'm trying to do gardening. I'm kind of obsessed with wildlife gardening, particularly using native species. My latest wildly overambitious project is a sort of teacup prairie, an attempt to recreate a chunk of prairie on a dry hillside about forty feet long by eight feet wide.

The problem is diversity...the vanished Piedmont prairie of this region consisted of 277 species, many of which are now endangered. At the moment, I have exactly 10 species, dotted rather absurdly over the hillside. I also don't have woodland bison, which were apparently rather important to the ecosystem, and god only knows if the correct pollinators will show up, even if I manage to coax these plants into establishing.

Still, you start somewhere. If I fail (and I will very likely fail) at least the bees will get a few good meals along the way.

Digital, Painter 7. Prints of this are available, singly and in a set with the Cattail Teacup piece, at Red Wombat Studio: [link]
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This is so creative!