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Portrait Of The Artist With Her War-Badger

By ursulav
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My head-canon states that all Hufflepuff are given a giant war-badger upon graduation to make up for all the crap they put up with in school. This one is named Mister Digglesworth.
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I just shared this round to some new friends.

There was a resounding bellow of "YES"

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This idea is... just amazing XD
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YES! Badger pride!
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I approve of this idea.
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Oh my gosh... that is so cute and awesome.
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Yes! Yes! Approved! EULALIA!
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I approve of this headcanon. Yes.
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The frozen drunks from Wisconsin salute you, there is no more noble a mount indeed, except maybe a drunken war badger. Then again that's just a frozen drunk's opinion.
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Gryffindors are brave, putting it all on the line to achieve their goals.

Slytherins are cunning, using any means necessary to achieve their goals.

Ravenclaws are intelligent, using their brilliant minds to achieve their goals.

Hufflepuffs WORK to achieve their goals, like MOST people. And people SHAME them for this?
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Snake? Honey badger don't care! Honey badger don't give a shit! :iconhoneybadgerplz: :lol:
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Go Hufflepuff! The chronically underappreciated! This is now my head-canon as well, hahaha
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Brilliant. Hufflepuff shaming has run rampant too long.
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That is a WONDERFUL name for a badger, and I think we need one too. :)
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/cannon whiplash

<3 Fantastic. Beautiful art, fun ideas! ^_^
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Giant war-badger? I love it! Woohooooo! 
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Heh heh, cool. ^^ I definitely like the idea of Hufflepuff finally getting something good. After all, it was the one House that did education exactly  right; accepting those willing to learn, giving them a friendly community and teaching them.
What do you feed him, though?
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Hufflepuff pride!
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Best headcanon ever :omg:
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