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Pileated Phalloipecker

I had the sketch for this in my sketchbook for ages, and never could get it to turn into a painting. Went well in sepiatone, though...

(I could have just called it a pileated pecker, I suppose, but y'know.)

Original 2 x 6 is for sale, $25 plus shipping, since I need to get stuff out of the studio and all. Drop a line!
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Melusedek's avatar
How did the tree get pregnant? A wood pecker!
katapraktoi's avatar
This one is my favorite among your phalloi animals... maybe its the color scheme, specially in its "head"... where this phalloi genre of animals came out? do I need to ask doctor freud or is something more mundane?
TempestuousWorgen's avatar
Absolutely fan-dam-tastic.
FireKat's avatar
Nice pecker! Hope that it does not break anything.
SkycladGypsy's avatar
I wonder if those are as agressive as mockingbirds...
WendyLynn's avatar
There's no stopping her! She's becoming overtaken by phalloi and we all love it!
skwerel's avatar
If the original is not already sold, I would like to buy it! Drop me a line and let me know how to pay you please! this is perfect ^_^
DruidElf's avatar
I see by the comments you're still managing to get people to assault otherwise harmless monitors and keyboards with beverages. That has to be some measure of... something. =P
Is it wrong of me that I'd actually use that as a bookmark?
Brushfeather's avatar
It must be difficult being a phalloipecker, with a beak so soft and round.
realityhelix's avatar
So many jokes...
Hymenomycotina's avatar
Or a Phalloiated Woodpecker. You could call it that.

Once again, your creativity in the area of penises is astonishing.
bear48's avatar
Iavas's avatar
I must have an overactive imagination, because looking at this makes me imagine it pecking at the tough bark of the tree and makes me cringe inside.
Apollyna's avatar

I mean. This is the internet.

We've all seen wangs before.
WonkyLemur's avatar
::spits tea all over her monitor::


You are my hero. I...I love you.
Ashwings's avatar
Bwahaha! A Picker Pecker!
(Is what my father used to call them as a child lol)
Flying-seacow's avatar
Alright, you are the master of making things cute.
AokiBengal's avatar
Absolutely hilarious!!! Oh my gosh this is great! I can see the little guy banging his head against the wood XD So funny!
EmperorNortonII's avatar
That puts the "pecker" in "woodpecker"!
ysabet's avatar
I'm assuming this one's an, errrr, cockerel rather than a hen, right? What WOULD the female of the species look like?

**pictures the answer**

**starts to laugh; neighbors call the police again**

Double-dog-dare-you to draw one...
I really REALLY want to make a dirty joke about this. =D
NuX's avatar
Quickning's avatar
Thats a pecker-pecker...
StarDragger's avatar
Lol, that's what I said :D
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