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Phalloi in a Turtleneck

The number one question I get about the phalloi is "Why are they all circumcised?" (No kidding. I would've thought it'd be "What the hell is wrong with you?", myself.)

I have answered this a few times, but to clarify--I draw what I know, and all of the...urrrr...original models to which I've had access over the years have been snipped. Yes, I could google for photos. I could also CLAW MY EYES OUT, thank you very much. There's research and then there's needless masochism, and scouring the internet for that sort of thing is really not my idea of a good time.

I was commenting on this to a friend, who has a slightly broader depth of experience than I do, and she said, rather thoughtfully, that the one she'd met had looked like it was wearing a little turtleneck.

So there you go. It's a phalloi wearing a little turtleneck. That's as far as I go. If you really, truly want an uncircumcised phalloi, well--the Greeks invented the little beasts, not me, so please, go forth and draw them!

One of a number of doodles while I was laid out in bed with the dreaded swine flu. Colored pencil on brown paper, about 4 x 5 or so. Original is for sale for $25 plus shipping, send a note or drop an e-mail to ursulav (at)
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Well, if the sight of a natural penis is worth clawing your eyes out, i feel sorry for you, and im sure you werent meaning it to sound incredibly offensive...
I also feel bad for all your male friends and drawing models that have been needlessly mutilated. Circumcision is plain barbaric. But what do i know, im just a stupid retarded european who lives in his own filth, i guess.