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Phalloi in Flight

Dedicated with vast affection to all the people who keep telling me these are weird and I need to paint something else.

As simple as these are, I actually really enjoy some of the colored pencil textures I get on the...uh...hide? I've learned more about effective crosshatching from these things...

8 x 5.5 or thereabouts, seized by an urge to do something pale and iridescent. Anyway! Original is for sale, prints are available, send a note or an email to order!
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These aren't weird, they're hilarious.
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Supernatural just called angels "dicks with wings." I immediately thought of this picture.
omg I love them alllllllll
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Believe it or not this image as become a commonly-known one amongst my circle of friends due to the invention of a drink named "Grampa Cassie's Flying Flaming Cock" which started as a white-board tribute to your winged Fhalloi, and ended up a shot of Fireball Whiskey, Red Bull, and Fighting Cock Bourbon (it tastes a lot better than it sounds). I thought I'd thank you for starting a rather fun trend. <3
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These are probably the best, funniest things I have ever seen in my entire life. I would totally buy some of these if I weren't unemployed!
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look - a mushroom :) ..... *cough*
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looks like a dick.... good work
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These are odd critters but I must say they are cute any how. I think they are really fun and you should never stop making them if it makes you laugh. :)
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if people dont stop to write that they are weird, then good because i love weird art! hehe ;)
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Haha. Your art is quite amazing, really. This thing is strangely cute. I love the colors.
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Wow. I've just realized this sort of looks like a faerie Kougra 0_o
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is it weird that I want to hug and snuggle this thing? cute!
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I'm always amused by these little pictures of yours.

It means that when I stumble across an article like this one: [link] I immediately think of you.
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My god all these pictures of Phalloi is making me want to do (fan)art of them as well.
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This should not be as adorable as it is, but it is!
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It actually looks like the colors would belong on a real bird. Just don't know which one.
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Your Phalloi series is so wrong that its too funny. I absolutely love it. Dont pay attention to the nay sayers. Their just jealous. I would love to see these placed all together as a series of Phalloi's. I would buy them! Keep on Phalling. Peace!
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lol this is so great
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