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Perilous Frog

I have hardly any idea what to call this--collage? Mosaic? It's somewhere between the two--there's glass tiles and cut paper and other stuff on there. Let's just go with "wall jewelry" I guess, that being a term I always rather liked.

It's about 5 x 7, mixed media--Penelope and the perilous frog are a teeny print under a thin sheet of glass, various other shiny bits are cool papers sandwiched under little acrylic pieces, there's some painted clayboard and scraps of illustration board and vitreous glass, all glued together and assembled by an artist who is currently tired of two dimensions and felt like wandering off into a third for awhile.

I don't think people buy prints of 3-D art (particularly not when they're composited onto paper backgrounds to keep from showing all the cat hair that's wandered onto the scanner bed) but on the off chance somebody really needs one, drop me a line, it can be done.

Original has been snapped up by my boyfriend, but judging by the interest, I clearly need to do a sequel...

Prints now available at Red Wombat Studio for $10 plus shipping! [link]
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That frog looks pretty mean.
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What does it do that is particularly...perilous?
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Man, that frog looks MEAN!
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Wow, how beautiful and lovely! <3 I think it looks fantastic. :D It's got me so curious. X3
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Prints of 3D art are just as cool as those of 2D, if not better.
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such an evil looking frog! ehehe

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I don't believe I've laughed at a DA quite as much as this. GENIUS.
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The perilous frog that'll cut you? Not bad... BUT! *pulls out martian ray gun* I'll ZAP you! How about that!?
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your absolutely bonkers. in a good way.
That frog looks quite perilous.
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It all composes very well. Really interesting piece of art.
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I would buy the HELL out of a sequel!
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It's a religious icon with some advertising text glued on top.
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I actually LOVE this. How much would it cost for a print- and being sent to the UK? xx
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It's amazing, it reminds of the Art Nouveau frames that Klimt and his friends used to put up.

Fantastic job! :1#:
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This is totally gorgeous. Your wall jewelry is eye candy as well.
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The expression on the frog's face is so funny. You got it just right.
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:lmao: SO awesome....just what I needed today. Thank you.
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Please do a series of these!
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