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November 24, 2005
One is sure to be overcome by the devine beauty of the Pearaphim. *ursulav's clever yet somewhat random illustration is as cute and amusing as it is skillfully rendered.
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...And then there was a great flash, as of a thousand suns, and the very air itself seemed to burn golden, and a sound came, like the ringing of a thousand golden trumpets, and the squirrel saw before him a being, one of the Great Lords of Fruit, bewing'd and halo'd, one of the mighty pearaphim, the vegetative pillars of heaven. And the pearaph spoke, in a voice both sweet as sweetened fruit juice* and brazen as great metal shields crashing together, and what it said was "FEAR NOT, BRIEF MORTAL--!"

And the squirrel fell backwards in astonishment, for he was sore afraid, and more importantly, very weirded out by the whole thing.

I have no explanation whatsoever, except that as usual, it seemed like a good idea. If you want to find a meaning in this, go for it, but it's all you. I have none whatsoever. Even the pun came after the sketch.

Prints available! We have $10 small and $20 jumbo, plus shipping--drop a line or visit [link] to set that up. Great Christmas gifts! Or at least, really WEIRD Christmas gifts, and isn't that just as good?

*Made from concentrate. We're on a budget here, people.
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