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Owl and Willow Brain Journal

My buddy Seanan McGuire has been texting me for bird IDs lately, which culminated today when an owl flew into her window, screamed, and attacked her when she went outside to check on it. (Twitter was a delight today as a result!) She called me at the coffee shop, and I stood outside alarming passersby by saying things like...well, like this.

Good times! (Owl was fine. Seanan's got a background in wildlife rehab, if not in birds. Her house may belong to the owl now, though.)

So for not quite a year now, I've been doing these weird little journal pages like this. I collected last year's worth into a little POD book, and I've been doing them every few days this year--just documenting my life, stuff that happens, interesting things I find in the garden, and so forth. (I can't blog as much as I'd like these days because I write for a living and I think I use up most of my words, but I seem able to do these instead.)

It occurred to me, since I can't do as much art--or rather, all my art is bespoke for kid books these days--that people over here might like to see some of these weird little slice of life things.

They are assembled in Photoshop, using the fonts LittleBird, Sweet Home Oklahoma, and occasionally Rose Tattoo.
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These things are so fun to read.. I have this voice I heard on a pod cast that matches your personality, and the awesomeness just eeks out everywhere. :)
Yes, seeing this is great!
OtherworldyFauna's avatar
This is?? incredibly satisfying
I'm not entirely sure why but it's wonderful
LuciusAppaloosius's avatar
"That was the year the owls were so bad." - James Thurber  7@=e
perfesser-bear's avatar
I have seen that goop oozing from a willow tree on my parents' property when I was a kid.  Cold, clammy, eewy-gooey in a way a kid could appreciate.  We had a bunch of choke-cherry trees, too.  They would seep a sticky, reddish amber that would not come out of your clothes.
Haru-chii's avatar
Owls are awesome.

Print on Demand? Ooh, nice.
icenectar's avatar
It's nice to see something new from you. I've missed seeing your work.
azhwi's avatar
XD Oh wow. What a day.
Hope the owl was alright!
LadyAria's avatar
This is delightful! And ooo Seanan is one of my fave authors!
Aileea's avatar
I enjoy this little journal. :)
It is actually like some kind of diary. (I have been writing diary for many years now).
And you write for a living? I want to do that too someday...
EpineQueen's avatar
You betcha we want to see these journal pages! Please do keep sharing them!
shy-fox's avatar
I once also made a picture of that kind of fungus… < check it out, I think you will like it ;)
I love these journal pages!
pearwood's avatar
Ahem. I do enjoy following you and your beloved on Twitter. :nod:
KlausTeufel's avatar
Absolutely. I still visit LJ now and then, but I'm here every day.
rachaelm5's avatar
I like seeing these little tidbits from your daily life.  You have fascinating events and observations.  :D
pearwood's avatar
Yes, that would be a polite way to say it.
JoannaMoory's avatar
I got very excited over an Amanita phalloides yesterday. It's name in finnish is 'kavalakärpässieni', which is in my opinion far more exciting than its name in english; death cap. Kavala means 'devious' , 'cunning' or 'wily'. I could so see a very cunning poisonous Amanita lurking somewhere, setting a trap for a carefree human being.
Samareck's avatar
looking at that very curious to see how it would taste....
Knightmoon's avatar
I love this journal style!  Seems better then the straight writing thing, which I am apparently incapable of executing.
DarkstripeShadowpaw's avatar
"Willow Brain" is a great name. Or maybe a great insult. Or maybe both.
MidnightWabbit's avatar
This is the greatest journal I have ever seen.
Bastard-Bird's avatar
Yes, yes indeed, more of these would be a treat.
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