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Owl Saint

I sat down today and said "Okay! Gotta paint small, quick, cute watercolors for this show!" I picked up a pencil. I got the back half of a hadrosaur out, and my brain shrieked "NO! PAINTPAINTPAINT!", slewed around about one hundred eighty degrees and informed me that I would be doing a digital painting, in a heavily textured style, of Some Weird Thing.


"PAINTPAINTPAINT!" There was a stylus in my hand. How did this stylus get in my hand? What is this mess? Did I make that? What time is it? Where did that six hours GO? Holy crap, I was supposed to do stuff today--PAINTPAINTPAINT--!

So. Um. Painting. It's a owl saint. What, you ask, is an owl saint? It's one of those there. Does it mean anything? I don't know, does it? All I can say is that I was trying to paint something, and I don't know if that's quite what the something was, but it's as close as I was able to come. People bemoan the difficulty of painting the pictures in your head, but believe me, it's got nothin' on trying to paint the pictures that aren't in your head! Trying to pry out the geometry of the face from the depths of my skull, and get it to look wrong, but wrong in the right way, was like trying to shuck an oyster with combination locks on it. But hey, at least the colors are nice!

Painting done digitally in Painter 7, took about eight hours, most of which I wasn't quite here for. Any time you do a humaniform critter on a chalkily textured background, the Susan Seddon Boulet influence is inescapable, so I'll just embrace it.

Prints are available. The small are $10, the 13 x 19 are a limited edition of 25, for $45 apiece. Send a note or visit [link] for details.
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youlittlemonkey's avatar
Amazing painting of the owl :) (Smile)

I have a owl group I hope you will join :iconthe-owl-group:
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The link for prints doesn't seem to work, is there a place I can buy a print of this? Your work is amazing. 
Naka117's avatar
Amazing work with the colours
dabadwolf1's avatar
if only you did some actual catholic icons in this style, they would be beautiful.
Rjalker's avatar just awesome looking.


And that's how I usually draw. Or write. Or whatever.

Prophet-malum's avatar
This is rather beautiful, the head seems a bit small, but all in all a great work on the whole. It reminds me of Chalchiuhtlecolotl (The Jade-skirted Owl) - an owl with eyes of fire who warned the 1st woman about the horrible punishments the god gave to the giants for their arrogance - ending their worlds that came before ours in Aztec mythology. 'm not sure why it does so but it does.
vasodelirium's avatar
hello!your work is featured in my journal,hope you don't mind:)
have a great day!
libraryseraph's avatar
I just want you to know that you're super cool and you've influenced me a lot.
Jayme-Allen's avatar
Very beautiful, in an almost surreal way
Applepoisoneer's avatar
I would love this as a wall scroll print. It would look fabulous as one of those stain glass windows depicting churchical-stuff... yeah...
This is Brea by the way (short blind cynic)
Applepoisoneer's avatar
I would love a print of this as a wall scroll. It would look so cool done in stain glass.
Ceilius's avatar
Owl saint is boss.
raptoregg64's avatar
THIS IS AWESOME! I've been looking through your art for the past couple of days, and greatly enjoying the uniqueness of it all, when I realized something-
I forgot to fave/ add a comment on ANY of it. O_O
Please forgive me! *kneels* All of your art is fabulous! Don't kill me for forgetting to comment on it until now, simply so I can have the pleasure of looking at more of it! *grovels*
BummerForShort's avatar
The outlines caught my attention for a good while, and the color palette suits the image nicely. Well done!
Taren14's avatar
Looks like a she to me...but it's beautiful either way.
janita2's avatar
i like your drawings , they are stunning
StormofBlue's avatar
Really neat; and Kind of insightful in a way
xcjxedge's avatar
haha this is so sick!!!
babenjch88's avatar
awesome!!!thats all i can say!!!keep it up brow!!!
Sundri's avatar
Simply beautiful!! I love the character you've put into this piece. <333
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