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And once again, we prove that Ursula trying to do angst = hamsters.

Oh, well. At least they're expressive little buggers.
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this is me during english
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This is me thought life.
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Yes. This yes. I will now tell people that I am a hamster awaiting the storm of deities when I feel overwhelmed.
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Me with my fibromyalgia diagnosis and work and college. As the owner of many hamsters over the years, I can say they are very expressive little buggers (and biters, but that's neither here nor there).
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Kinda reminds of Digger, what with the double facepalm.
Mightywolf126's avatar
I just started high school and that is exactly how I feel and this made me smile a little more :]
DisgruntledBadger's avatar
I know exactly how this little guy feels...
I can honestly say that this is the cutest angsty hampster I have ever seen. Very nice.
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awww, poor little hamster... I know how you feel... It'll be alright in the end...hopefully.
Captain-Savvy's avatar
This is how I feel at this vey moment
The-Elven-Priestess's avatar
I can feel his pain! :lol:
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oh poor hamster i just noticed that it said "oh god oh god oh god oh god etc........." on the top
aww =[
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awww. poor hamster and yet again i learned another word from you !! heh angst....
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can't you just see the spilled milk next to him on the floor?
madugongmaria's avatar
looks like the meepits from neopets. full o' expression! :D
Touch-Not-This-Cat's avatar
Oh, poo, I worked with hamsters for a year and they are way too ornery to be angsty; vicious little brutes actually, a trait not uncommon among ethnic Syrians. Rats now, there's a rodent for all seasons.
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Ugh. I know JUST what he means.

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whsprsinthedrk's avatar
awww too adorable!:+fav:

and DA is certainly perceptive...I faved enough of your work that I got a pop-up saying "you certainly seem to like this deviant's work. Would you like to Deviantwatch them?" :lmao: I planned on it!
Saker's avatar
It's been a long time since I have seen your work, glad to see that it can still make me smile.
MoggieKat's avatar
That's the sum total of the past month for me, right there in one little hamster.
khisanth's avatar
dude, lol, thats me right now! im planning my wedding, see..
so it seem like the very next thing will be the one that breaks my brain.
awesome pic
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