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Out of the Hat

By ursulav

I keep pulling rabbits out of this hat.

It was fine at first. People were grateful. Nothing wrong with that.

But I kept pulling them out. And now they’ve gone strange and there’s something wrong with their faces. I don’t like the way they look at me.

But what can I do? People still expect rabbits…


Prints available! I was feeling sort of Arthur Rackham and then it got a bit weird on me.

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AWESOME You should do a short story based around this
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Your style is so distinctive and has such a great storytelling quality. Lovely work, as always.
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Awesome! I love it!
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I love the idea of this! 
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I love your art, and also that there is almost always a story attached. Two for one! :)
askaniblue's avatar
This picture and little bit of prose caught me better than anything has in a long while. Thank you.
PaulEberhardt's avatar
Well, I'd be a bit grumpy too, if I'd been stuck in an old hat for so long. :D
TrashME's avatar
That's... oddly haunting.
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awesome work !
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This rabbit looks a bit resigned to his fate.
the crisis in every (most) creative lives

hope you find a new animal to pull out or a new place to find them......
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wide nose, short snout. they are diggers, not runners.

I'm thinking maybe you've seen Ender's Game and noticed Arthur Rackham and Mazer Rackham both kind of pulled rabbits out of their hat.
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Is there a reason why this one's paws are tied up?
opus-palladianum's avatar
Sorry... the first thing that comes to mind is "At least you'll never go hungry."
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Wow. That was pretty intense. 
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But why their hands are tied? Who ties them?
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"Battle-Bunny! I choose YOU!"

It's a fun piece of art. ^^ I like it -- including the text.
LuciusAppaloosius's avatar
The Hatter of Sorrows? (the thorns are a dead giveaway)... 7@=Q

I certainly get the Rackham influence, with the restricted palette: the injection of quasi-religious imagery makes it even more interesting...
jameson9101322's avatar
I want more of this story
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good thing your not pulling hats out of rabbits, would hate to see results there after 50 or so.
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