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Orc Nouveau III

By ursulav
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Celadon Toadstool, the orcish poet, knew that standing around looking pensive, preferably during autumn, was part of the job description for poets. She didn't particularly see the point, but never let it be said that she slacked on her duties to the Muse. (She couldn't manage to look consumptive. Women in Celadon Toadstool's family had meat on their bones, and that was the way they liked it. If you couldn't carry a live boar under one arm, the thinking went, you were too damn skinny and useless for battle.) So, in between beating the brains out of recalcitrant warlords and leading death-or-glory charges on fortified positions, she would arrange to spend an hour a week standing around in a field, gazing dramatically into the distance and sighing occasionally.

Mostly it just made her feet hurt, and she couldn't say that it did anything much for the poetry--she spent most of the time doing her grocery list in her head--but hey, you gotta keep up appearances.

Been working on this one for awhile. I love Art Nouveau dearly, but it's such a pain to do the linework for...anyway, this is quite obviously the Art Nouveau style, as popularized by Mucha. I can't escape the feeling that if Mucha had had access to orcs, he would have painted buxom orcish women. Since the universe fell down on the job there, I am forced to pick up the slack.

Plus I just plain like Celadon Toadstool. She needs to meet Sings-to-Trees sometime...

Prints are available, 8.5 x 11 and 13 x 19 for $10 and $20 plus shipping. I take Paypal check or money order--just send me a note or an e-mail or visit [link] for details.
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She needs to be smoking a pipe in this picture.  It would help her with looking pensive.
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count-her-cultureHobbyist General Artist
I've loved this painting for years. Finally got around to telling you: it makes me inordinately happy.
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FaetouchedHobbyist Traditional Artist
Someday, I will cosplay as her. And I will rope some poor guy into being Sings-To-Trees if it KILLS me. I'm one of those girls that is unfortunately/fortunately not built in the typical waifish faerie could-get-blown-away-by-a-light-breeze body type, but rather the body type more suited to wrestling large and ornery goats into submitting to a castration or holding down bulls to get their shots (both of which I have had to do...growing up in a farming/ranching community and doing a lot of animal related volunteer work gets you experience in a lot of weird ways) though I'm still quite short. I would consider cosplaying as Sings-To-Trees instead, because I share his grim holding them and saying soothing things while they claw and bite and leave various bodily fluids all over you love of all animals, especially the ugly ones, but I don't think I could pull off an elf's body type.

Maybe I can even get Fleabane in, if they allow animals. If not, I'm going to need a lot of glue, fake fur and someone who owes me bigtime.
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I love both this one and number two. Orcs (the warcraft or elder scrolls proud warrior race guy type) are my favorite fantasy race. Elves are for wimps.
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Love the description. ^^
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I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your pieces on Celadon Toadstool that it inspired me to do a noveau-type setting for one of my D&D characters who is tiefling and lizardfolk- both of those lineages/races are not widely recognized for their beauty either. Eventually I will get around to colouring it and if you wish I can link it to you :]
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Stunning. I love her background story.
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EyesLikeAbsintheHobbyist Traditional Artist
This is beautiful. Just when I was despairing of someone else who drew attractive orcish women. :love:
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I agree- she has to meet Sings-to-Trees. :D

For two side notes:
1. This is amazing (but you probably saw that coming. ;) )
2. Her family seems very sensible. *nods*
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Your description is absolutely fabulous! If you ever put this piece in an art gallery, you must accompany it with this description! The concept of "orc nouveau" is truly inspired.
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You have a real talent for this style. You use of colour is excellent. When I saw this one, I realized that this was what I wanted a tarot deck to look like. If I ever become independently wealthy, I will commission you to do the art for the deck I have conceptualized.
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Oooh, it seems I have new desktop background. :)
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bluessaurusHobbyist Traditional Artist
"Orc Nouveau"? :XD:

Alphonse Mucha rulz!!! :worship:
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FoulfiendsHobbyist Digital Artist
Whoever makes an orc look poetic and artistic is an amazing artist, amazing.
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Lovely orcish gal
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SahreebProfessional Filmographer
Okay, you are so awesome. I have no other words.
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She is beautiful ;)
And great color and backround combination!
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ladyarahHobbyist General Artist
Awesome job! I just wanted to let you know that I featured this in "Realms of Fantasy and Myth: Week 10 - Orcs", you can find it here: [link]
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AimzICRStudent General Artist
Wow. Fantastic. :D Love it!
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Sgt-SaharaHobbyist Digital Artist
Very nice xD
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I definitely dig nouveau style. The thick outlines and color matching really does it =)
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This is cool beyond words. I... am speechless.

You actually managed to make an orc cute! And I don't just mean "Aw, looks cuddly" cute, I mean "Humina, humina" cute. Must be some form of sorcerey.
Kyuubi-inside's avatar
really good combination of orange and the orc lady so loveable
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That's just so freaking funny! ^_^
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