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Orc Nouveau II

By ursulav
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The orcish poet Urrshahurruk-gah (Celadon Toadstool) was famed throughout the fifty-seven tribes for the quality of her poetry, and also for that time she put a mace through that one guy's head, while shouting haiku. Her martial poetry was of course the most popular, including such works as "Warpig Sonnets" and "Ode to a Dagger Stuck In Somebody's Eye," which dealt with the perennial themes of melee and mayhem popular among orcs. But many believe that her finest work were her more delicate and introspective pieces, including "Reflections Seen In The Blood Of My Enemies," and the elegant "Poem for Mushrooms Growing From The Skull Of A Dead Elf."

It was perhaps not entirely politic for Celadon to recite that last piece at an elvish court during a rare cultural exchange program between warring kingdoms, but everyone agreed much later that it had helped to open a really honest dialogue, and there hadn't been all THAT many casualties, and you couldn't expect artists to compromise about these things, after all.

The "Orc Nouveau" idea still kicking around my brain, I was just going to do a quick doodle of an orc woman, and out came Celadon Toadstool. I was up until the small hours of the night painting mushrooms. It's been too long since I did a cheesy fantasy pin-up--I think I was in withdrawal or something...

Anyway! PRINTS AVAILABLE! In small and jumbo, for $10 and $20 plus shipping! Sent a note, or visit [link] to order!
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Crushing a man’s skull whilst shouting haiku is so boss.

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I love it, you can see at once a gentleness and intellect needed for the poet. And yet their is a strength and pride it's brilliant. 
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Now that is an impressive drawing!
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Such a beautiful picture. I love her full figure and the excellent backstory! Great work! :)
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I was scrolling along when the name caught my eye. Then I looked at the preview and thought, "that actually looks as pretty as the name implies." And lo, it was. I really like her peaceful while still being somewhat haughty expression.
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A beautiful piece in its own right, with an intriguing background story and nice, crisp visuals! And of course, I love her fuller figure - it really fits with what we might call Orcish anatomy, which is so regularly applied to males but rarely to the females. Again, excellent work!
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You capture the Art Nouveau style extremely well. Your description is hilarious!
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She's beautiful!
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sound like nice poems.

are you going for the (tainted/corrupted) elf-race look in orcs?

like in the elder scrolls (skyrim,oblivion,morrowind)
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This is a beautiful piece of work. Wonderful job. Hope to see more!
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I've been searching for some "serene orcs" for a while now and this totally made my day. I'll be using this picture as reference material for the bio of one of my RPG-chars, who is described as a very refined and cultured orc-elf crossbreed.
As a side note, if I was an orc, I'd totally propose to her on the spot. ^^
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I fell in love with this image the moment I saw it. Alphonse would be pleased.
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Love the mushrooms and the 'unusual' model choice. ;)
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I love all things WoW, orcish, and anything that looks like Mucha, and this is all three, plus an amusing as hell character too! This is awesome.
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beautiful. Also, I desperately want to hear her reciting those poems.
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This is a beautiful piece of artwork and very inspiring. I love the proportionate physique and especially love the ears. I have an Orc species of my own in the novel that I am working on which has ears similar to those, but other than the smooth skin that's literally the only thing in common. Commendations on a truly unique piece of art.
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The Happiness! It buuuurns! :D
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I like her alot, she's not as skinny and muscular as orcs usually are, but still she's still gorgereous and looks like an orc, great job :)
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