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One Odd Ocelot

A reader asked me a few weeks back if I'd ever considered doing a 1-2-3 to go with the A-B-C paintings I did. I *hadn't* ever thought of it, and I was struck by the notion--there's a lot fewer paintings, even if I did 1-10, than in a whole alphabet, and I am not crushed under the weight of X. (Curse you, X!) And since I was doing stuff that started with O, I got to slide in a few random O things just to make it suitably weird.

So I started doodling around with this, and suddenly the painting madness hit, and about six hours later, here it was. (I blame the rubber chicken.) Despite going Very Very Fast, it was a fairly tricky painting to do--I started with a dark green background and pulled all the colors out of that, so it would be a very unified color scheme, and the "inking" of the edges is all done in dark teal rather than black. (The only true black in the painting are the darkest bit of the ocelot's pupils, and the bits that look white--other than the border!--are actually a fairly dark cream.) I was fairly pleased at how the colors came out, though--it's worth it, it's just an occasionally excruciating way to paint.

Whether this will be followed with Two Texting Tamanduas or Three Thylacine Thinkers or whatever is up in the air, since I never, ever commit to a series, but I rather hope it will be.

Prints are available for $10 and $20 plus shipping--I have one without the number/border, which may be uploaded at some point. Send a note or visit [link] (where you can send an e-mail!) to order.
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I found this page with this image randomly in google XD
Jaguatirica02's avatar
and that's how I joined deviantart ;) thanks to you
Iceheart03's avatar
Aw!Cute!I love Ocelots!:iconevillaplz:
Angel0507's avatar
clarapnaraujo's avatar
I'm crazy about ocelots. love this.
MyNorthPole's avatar
This describes me in soooo many ways!!!
Flawliet's avatar
This is so adorable! When I was little I was known as 'flocelot' cos my name's Florence :3
YyanaOni's avatar
My aunt use to call my sister and me odd ocelots. lol I love this.
whitehound's avatar
How about six xanthic xoloitzcuintlis? They do come in a xanthic red/yellow shade.
Charishawk's avatar
This is just lovely. *hearts*
sweets8's avatar
He is definitely odd! :D
CaptainPrower's avatar
I'm just waiting for him to start spinning a revolver.
Darklis's avatar
I think the ocelot is an adventure hero, like Guybrush Threepwood... His equipment could be stuff he's collected along the way to help him on his missions, because he never knows when it may come in handy.
He just needs the pants to help him carry it all.

Also, um, *cough* this is a lovely painting.
finn-icky's avatar
The rubber chicken is that extra yummy icing on the cake =) Like the tag on its foot. Makes me think of my childhood playing Monkey Island... Ah, rubber chicken; I used you well...

... Get your mind out of the gutter!
Darkdingo20's avatar
Greating Picture it reminds of Graeme Base the Famous Aussie who did Animalia :D
Qara's avatar
I love ocelots! I love the color scheme on this. Green is so well suited. Very well done ^.^
Kawaii-Hunters's avatar
lol, cute and unique ^_^
MinorTechnicality's avatar
The ocotpus looks worried. >X)
shadowfire-kitsune's avatar
ohh an ocelot! i really love the colour of this- was away for some time and kept passing it as i was going through deviations-caught my attention every single time *plus fav*
KalineReine's avatar
Oh I just love all your work and this is the cutest thing!!! You're such an awesome artist.
Feybles's avatar
Love this little Fella! He's got a great assortment of curios to play with there. Great work!
junkyardpicasso's avatar
I didn't know anyone else knew what an Ocelot was! Sir or possible madame, you have garnered my respect an watch. My respect for the knowledge of what an Ocelot is and using it, and my watch for all your Phalios!
Ellygator's avatar
What a fabulous idea! I think kids would totally dig this as a series!
Gymnart's avatar
I love that you did a feline! :D
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