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About to embark on the great grind that is 140-odd illustrations in 3 months, for Book 4 of Dragonbreath. (Book 2 is out Feb 4th! [link] )

Since my art productivity for non-book art tanks during these death marches--I have to produce two illustrations a day, six days a week--I thought I'd upload a few random sketchbook pieces just so y'all don't forget me...
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Kind of reminds me of Ooccoo from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.
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Hahahah. It's adorable. Looks like... kind of a larva or something.
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It reminds me of Shadowchild from Digger... Well, before, y'know... that thing that happened.
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It's cute in a weird sort of way.
CameoAppearance's avatar
It looks like it's golfing.
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Simultaneously adorable and terrifying.
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This is so odd and different, I really like it.
Puck-Sexton's avatar
I'd kind of like to have one as a pet...
The-Elven-Priestess's avatar
I had no idea you were published. Surely I've been under a rock... *going to amazon*
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this is nice
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Channeling Edward Gorey?
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I think I can assure you that you're unforgetable.
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Demonchild's lady friend.
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For you, my dear, to title a sketch, "Oddity", seems, well, redundant.
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If anyone can manage to forget you, they better be suffering from some serious sort of amnesia. Like the kind where they don't know who they are. And even then, it's doubtful. They'd probably still dream about small lizards grinding organs and majestic roosters with gold leaf halos.
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Is it a mushroom person or an anthropomorphic bishop from chess?
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