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Number 17 -- Susan

This is completely unrelated to anything. There are not sixteen others, nor can I conceive of a reality in which there might BE sixteen others. I was just in one of those moods and had been looking at a lot of rock posters and...uh...yeah.

"Monsters in the well" is how I once describe the weird things that lurk in the bottoms of our brains* and...err...apparently this is one of them.

It is not named after any of the Susans I know, it just kinda looked like a Susan.

Digital, prints available, send a note or visit [link] for details.

*If you really want to track the references down, it's at [link] in the middle of a rambling blog post about fan fiction.
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The description made me LOL. And I did laugh out loud.
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Thank you for the giggles. This made me laugh, yes indeed.
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i love it!

the normal kind, not these nasty red ones
i feel the same way...^_^
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I think it looks more like a 'Vanessa' to me.
But that's just me.
soraneko's avatar
This would make a pretty awesome series with enough ammunition. I never conceived a Susan looking quite that sinister :o
Farthingale's avatar
But can be thwarted how? ;)
Very awesome. The visual was great before I read the text; you really are a clver clog, ma'am!
pro-mole's avatar
Hehehe, very cool.

Luckily, I killed Susan at age 12. The world should never see fan fiction written by me! :fear:
squishysart's avatar
id say it was a susan too :) x
Tuulikki's avatar
That's so strange, random and wonderful that it needs a :+fav:. Definitely.
Edme's avatar
... is an evil relative of Pikachu... no, she's actually the better of the two :ohnoes: :giggle:
ExplodingArtist's avatar
now you need one that creates art blocks Dx
GardenProphet's avatar
::dies laughing::

StarDragger's avatar
I'd like to live in a reality where there are sixteen others (or at least a couple more). :P
perfect12386's avatar
lol :) She's kinda cute in a strange way. =/
Invader-Kym's avatar
elf slash....... is that what I think it is?!?!?!

If so, hilarious! AHAHAHAAAA!

If not, then what?!
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Hmm... I remember a shoebox filled with my Mary Sue-esque attempts at writing. I think I still have it around somewhere. One of them was an attempt to write myself into the world of Tarzan, without Tarzan, or rather being a female version of him that didn't quite get raised by apes, but ended up in the jungle in my early teens on my own, somehow with all the basic tools I'd need to survive rescued from the plane crash. After the basic idea for the beginning was down on paper, I set it aside and didn't think about it for a time. Then I shuffled through my past works and winced. Hard. So I'd be the sole survivor. Okay. But that I'd 'just happen' to have all the basic tools I'd need to survive: means to make fire, bow, arrows, quiver, knife and a knowledge of how to use them well? I was really rich before, so I could afford to learn, right. And let's not forget that I could talk with animals... (winces harder) How was I planning to eat meat after talking with it about how I was hungry, and would it mind horribly if I had it for dinner? Plot holes so large that you'd be hunting for the strings holding the idea together.

Bet it would make a lot more sense if I could blame the contents of a bottle for it, but I've never been drunk even once in my life. And it would likely make sense again if I found my way to a good, solid drunk.

Wish I could say that was the only one, but that was one of 300 or so story ideas that I wrote up and =saved= for years. Had a friend who liked to come over and read all the horrid crap I was coming up with, but hey, she was about my age too, so maybe I was writing to the right age group. (shrugs) She never complained about the contents, and never seemed to lose the desire to read whatever new nonsense I'd managed to come up with since the last time she'd come over.
DruidElf's avatar
Oh, so that's what (who) that is. I've been doing trashy sci-fi and sunflower seeds; no wonder it's not working. I think it's the eyelashes that make the "Susan."
WendyW's avatar
Awesome. :)
It does suit the name Susan.
I have no idea why though.
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I don't think mine looks anything like that one. He hides a lot though so I haven't gotten a good look. ;)
Yaruzh's avatar
I would never, NEVER want to see my monsters at the bottom of the well......ugh, I shutter to think...
tec-goblin's avatar
Amazingly wonderful, from the title to the depths of the waters. And the eyelashes too, what an idea!!
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lol, sounds like this monster could be my buddy... or maybe I am just a horrible person who writes too much fanfiction. :XD:
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