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Nude with Chickens

Good lord, I need to finish this someday! You can see how I work on these Art Nouveau things--it starts with layered rough sketches (like the chickens at the bottom) and then I clean up the lines, starting from the back to front. I had apparently gotten a good chunk of the background and her before I ran out of steam...

Definitely need to come back to this one...
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Contractor815's avatar
You really should finish this. You've done spectacular work with your other Nouveau nudes; I think this would make an awesome trifecta along with "Love Apples" and "Orc Nouveau II".

BTW, I never did thank you for introducing me to Art Nouveau. It has become one of my favorite art styles to view and collect.
arctic-ex's avatar
An interesting piece. Please come back to this project :)
NibbleKat's avatar
..That's how I feed MY chickens every day.
Princesse-de-la-Lune's avatar
this is cool, you really should finish it ^_^
Earthriseii's avatar
I look forward to seeing the finished piece, I do like Mucha style :)
DracoInsanity's avatar
Hey, everything I like in one! Mucha-esque art, naked lady, and a chicken! Excellent piece!
naught101's avatar
Wow, it's great to see half finished work from you, gives a really good understanding of the process.

Is this all digital? When you clean up the lines, do you use a new layer, and erase as you go? What programs do you use?
ricey's avatar
I love Mucha! Please finish this one!
The-Lady-Blue's avatar
I definitely want to see a finished version of this, I love it!
Nullcast's avatar
Whaddaya know, you can do humans!
artemis3120's avatar
That's an... uh... interesting process you got there! 8D
GossamerDarkness's avatar
I think I like it better this way. It's like you began with a pretty, serious nude piece and then quickly devolved into chickens. I'd rather have a print of this - it's so you xD
WendyLynn's avatar
A hooman?! Gasp!
fiawol's avatar
Definitely come back to her! :-)
kazaah's avatar
This is pretty.
Catgoyle's avatar
Very lovely! I, too, hope you finish this piece someday.
jamesraymor's avatar
I always enjoy your purity of nudity if that makes any sense, thanks for your art, always beyond my imaginings.
keight's avatar
Yes, you do.
bear48's avatar
I do hope you finish this! Lovely work.
DJ-Glass's avatar
CoconutDragon's avatar
This is just pretty awesome. Nudes are meh. Add chickens and the world keeps on turning. Please finish this!
rumtummy's avatar
hehe i thought this was coming from #art-nouveau-club group. can't wait to see it finished
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