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Naked Mole Rat Tango

By ursulav
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It may say something about me as a person that when I'm looking for a subject matter to practice an idea about weird primary color scribbling technique on, my brain immediately defaults to "Naked mole rat tango!"

Not a technique I'll probably ever use again, but it was fun to try out.
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AWWWW!!! Rufus has a Girlfriend!!
PIRATEOFMETALHobbyist General Artist
So cute
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LaurenlsArtHobbyist General Artist
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Silverwolf51Hobbyist Writer
This is funny and cute at the same time! Perfect!
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gotenkslovesmeHobbyist General Artist
hey buddy, I'm doing a report on mole rats can i use your image in my report please?
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Heard some very interesting stuff about these critturs; they are extremely long-lived, show no signs of ageing until very close to the end of their lives, never develop cancer, and have a gene that we don't.
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OMG these animals are kinda ugly but it still so romantic! O.O N-I-C-E
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Wrathion9Hobbyist Digital Artist
cute >w<
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This is so radical! :D
mumblegrumblegrrr's avatar
That's kinda nasty, I like it...
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RabbittutHobbyist Artisan Crafter
Oh my gosh the ugliness is awesome! It just goes to prove even ugly things have love lives. lol
Kalianna's avatar
Best idea ever.
shirabara's avatar
that's so cute :giggle:
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ArkateraHobbyist General Artist
Disturbing and oddly fun at the same time! Kudos =D
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VERY interesting technique! I might have to try that out sometime...
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OfficiallyAbiHobbyist General Artist
People are saying they're ugly but...but...THEY'RE NAKED MOLE RATS!! AND THEY'RE DOING THE TANGO!!! I wish my mind had a default like that.
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That is SUCH a priceless idea. XD I think is some of the best naked mole rat art I've ever seen, and your coloring experiment turned out very well, I think.
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Hehehe, I wonder if anyone here is Zemmiphobic? (Zemmiphobia - Fear of the Great Mole Rat)

Hehe, awesome drawing, I love the folds of skin, and the sketchy primary coloured cross hatching is certainly something I haven't seen before. Well done =)
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this is one of those times when it's best not to discuss ther symbolism.
ImaginaryGoddess's avatar
Aww they're so cute! And doing the tango.. how romantic. ^__^
MajickTrap's avatar
NAKED MOLE RATS BUAHAHAAHAHH!!!....im sorry....i had to , this is to cute!
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Awww, they aren't all ugly, doesn't anyone know rufus from Kim Possible?

*crickets* Guess not.

Love the drawing, even though the style does look over-done, it still looks cool!
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