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Naked Mole Rat Soap

By ursulav
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While making a label is undoubtedly the least work and most fun of making soap, there is a chance that at some point, this little guy may end up on some handmade soaps. If that happens, I'll letcha all know. (Because who can resist a clean mole rat?)

Disclaimer: May Not Actually Contain Mole Rat Squeezings.

Prints are available for $10 plus shipping--send a note or visit [link] for details!
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Would it eat the soap? My pet rats did. Or at least sampled it.
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This is the most coolest label I have ever seen! o-O Lol the 'May not contain mole rat squeezings' made me laugh so much! xD
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Wolf-by-darkHobbyist General Artist
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Naked mole rat squeezings?
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HeatherTrelawneyHobbyist Digital Artist
Hahaha, interesting!:giggle: Cute naked mole rat!:aww:
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SwampLogger15Hobbyist Writer
"Naked mole rat squeezings"? *shudders* That's very disturbing, yet so hilarious! :lmao: XD
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SilvolfProfessional Traditional Artist
I love naked mole rats, they're so obscure and cute!
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ladyrivenHobbyist General Artist
By golly. You made a mole rat cute. Well done! XD
Occtaviousrex's avatar
Sweet!!! ^^ =]
crabmuffin's avatar
wow, you just managed to make the ugliest creature on the face of the planet look adorable. =3
Sssugar's avatar
you are a genius!![link]
LinaCampuzano's avatar
I LUV THIS!!!:clap:
Sciogie's avatar
really really really cool
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fireinhole8 Photographer
aah that's so cute for such a normally ugly animal lol
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persistantHobbyist Traditional Artist
i would buy that soap... seriously! it just sounds so awesome!
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"Naked Mole Rat Squeezings"? I'm not even going to ask...

I imagine they make bike horn noises when you squeeze them.
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^ epic win :D
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jurneejakesHobbyist Writer
I had never even heard of a Naked Mole Rat before seeing Kim Possible, and now I'm seeing stuff for them all over. Whether your inspiration is from the show or not, this is pretty cute. =)
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hehehe so cute...you gotta love naked mole rats...rufus and ron stoppable, anyone? <3 ^.^
Snoosmumrik's avatar
Why the eyes? No true molerat has any eyes.
Some molerats have folds in that place, but the naked ones don't even have that.
I'd wait until you make the Middle East Blind Mole Rat (Spalax ehrenbergi) Soap (with Olive oil and exotic herbs) and buy it. Can sheep you some Mole rat squeezings from here.
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CloudTheoryHobbyist Photographer
Behold the naked mole rat! Next they'll be wanting their own reality tv show.
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I LOVE naked mole rats!!!
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