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Naked Mole Rat Dreams

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The naked mole rat knew that he was dreaming. For one thing, he wasn't in the tunnels any more, and there weren't any other mole rats around, and he could have sworn that he hadn't been bipedal earlier in the evening. But all that was immaterial. He knew he had to be dreaming, because even naked mole rats know that you can't get blood from a turnip.

There's an explanation for this somewhere. If you find it, tell it it owes me five bucks. All I know is that I've been in a surrealist mood lately, and my attempts to do a really epic sort of surrealist landscape in real media has been foiled by lack of skill, so in an effort to get this vision of cyclopean turnip architecture out of my head, I turn to my first great love, digital art. Painter 7 did not want to do this--it suffered a fatal crash halfway through, and I had to repaint about five hours worth of turnips--but I perservered, and drug the image out of my brain like a...thingy...prying...um...another thingy...out of a shell. Thingy.

I am almost certain that this is so damn weird, even for me, that it's a bad piece to try doing the limited edition print thing. But what the hell. I've yet to go wrong assuming that at least part of my audience is as weird as I am. So, this print is available in two sizes--the standard, small, for $10, as always, and also as a limited edition jumbo print, in a print run of only 10, one artist proof, signed and numbered by the perpetrator, for $45. Send a note or an e-mail if interested.
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Sparklet-RayneHobbyist Traditional Artist
A dream come true/a heavenly place.
SuperSabre-Tooth's avatar
Must be the promised land or heaven.
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Pyro-Cat-FishHobbyist General Artist
The first thing I thought of was Charlie and the chocolate factory for some reason...
Your stuff is so cool! :)
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EmmetEarwaxHobbyist Writer
I seldom have lucid dreams, about 10-11 . I started having such when I read a book on how to dream lucidly.  
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WhoopySnoopyHobbyist General Artist
Excellent! by WhoopySnoopy  Impressed30 by WhoopySnoopy  
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PeanutbutterSandmanHobbyist General Artist
you're just....wonderful.  incredibly punny and unique
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I know you love animals ! anybody that can find mystery in a mole rat, beauty in a manatee or be inspired by a mouse is O.K in my books, keep up the good work you're an inspiration to many including myself- I love it, did you know that all mole rats have identical dna ? it's a mystery of nature, they are quite strange creatures
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ZatannaBriHobbyist General Artist
So original, so beautifully, strangely, heart-tuggingly original.
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thejessiejensenHobbyist General Artist
This is awesome!
Man your imagination is awesome. Your dreams must be crazy.
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wow just wow
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DahliaFayHobbyist General Artist
The mole rat looks so cute and hairless :)
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ArtNooblyHobbyist General Artist
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DragonjekHobbyist Writer
Naked Mole Rats have a form of hive mind. Obviously, this has left them open to suggestions--for in one's dreams one is laid bare and open to whatever may come in.

In his house at R'lyeh, dead Cthulhu waits dreaming.
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The-TNDHobbyist Traditional Artist
great idea :)
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OniVraskHobbyist Writer
Hmm this is giving me some kind of an idea....not sure what sort of idea yet, it may not be an idea at all I just might be delusional. O.o Either way great piece it honestly is a great piece!
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Ohhhh this is nice....... Love
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pixicosmosProfessional General Artist
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Hmmmmmmmmm....hmmmmmmmmmm =D

Maybe the naked mole rat grew tired of its daily tunnels and turnips?
If turnips are at the heart, and the heart is bleeding a path than it cud be worth following it. ;)

Love how u drew this, and adore your froggies too! :nod:
Keep up the gr8 and wicked translations of your mind and have a gr8 gr8 daaaay!

:rose: :rose: :rose:
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ChristopherPollariProfessional Traditional Artist
so very cool.
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Heartless-lifelessHobbyist Interface Designer
this looks like what i'd "the suicides" in hell to look like.... except a tad bit of a darker palate..
but it's stilll really nice!! good job!!
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macmortigan General Artist
awesome style -like the colors!
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Kurse10Student General Artist
this peice has been stolen! [link]
I found out about this art theif from [link]
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your art is so inspiring :)
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