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My Leper Pony

By ursulav
I warned you.

I think the reason I found this so ungodly fun is because when I was a kid--lo these many moons ago--I loved my My Little Ponies, and used them to act out stories...but probably not the kind that the manufacturers would expect. The minds of children, as Stephen King once wrote, are like deep wells of clear water. And this is true enough, but there are monsters in those wells, and some of 'em have a bunch of eyes and really big teeth. So my stories were all full of blood and torture and death and forced marriages*, sort of Quentin Tarantino meets Marguerite Henry, all acted out via My Little Ponies, and their cohorts, the little scented rubber animals that came with the Strawberry Shortcake dolls. (I had no particular use for the dolls.)

Next to some of those stories, My Leper Pony's probably pretty tame, but it's still nice to return in some small way to that well of childhood creative depravity.


Technical stuff! Leperlot started life as a G3 Love-a-Belle, was painted sickly grey-green, re-tailed with the scurfiest, most diseased looking yarn I could find, and boils were sculpted from polymer clay and painted. Bandages were added with Rigid Wrap (a type of plaster cloth) painted, and sealed with acrylic matte medium. Bits of mane were glued in under the bandages, but I didn't do a full re-root. The "Unclean" sign is made from painted acid-free matboard, and I photoshopped together a parody of the packaging, printed in on matte heavyweight, and taped it in over the original. (Sadly, despite all the tape visible in the photos, there is still less than was on the original package. Hasbro likes their tape.)

This is my first alteration of a My Little Pony, and you don't want to know how much fun I had.

I will probably be e-baying Leperlot at some point in the near future--my journal'll have the details.

EDIT: I'm told by other members of the pony modding community that Hasbro apparently doesn't like box modifications, so wanting to respect their wishes there--after all, they furnished my depraved childhood adventures!--I'm removing the box art, just in case.

"My Little Pony" is a trademark of Hasbro. Leperlot and her packaging is an artistic parody and not affiliated with or sanctioned by the manufacturer.

*There is a reason this theme pops up so much in fan fiction, romance novels, and fairy tales. For some reason--and it may well be a girl thing--that's one of the toothy monsters in a lot of our wells.
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almost like a real pony get with som serious damage after being by a carnivorous animals

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Those are really well executed boils. 
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umm she's smiling?Rainbow Dash (Sad Pout) Plz 
Aspiring-Awesomeness's avatar
Awww, it still smiles :heart:
Awesome idea awesomely executed :D
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This is a little bit creepy .. -_-'
but it´s nice :D
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that looks wrong -.-
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But I love the leper king, such a noble steed even in his time of need.
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It's not the pony that makes this so disturbing, but the description that goes with it. 
Alptraum-Gheist's avatar
Excuse me while i throw up in the bathroom.
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Disgusting little pony you've got yourself!!
ILoveWarriorCats10's avatar
That's just disgusting
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this is really cool great job with the opes sores n stuff
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freakin adorable!
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I think i just peed on myself. You do not have my approval.   Be Right Back...Potty 
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i love it! its so cute!
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My leper pony, my leper pony,
My leper pony!
I used to wonder about leprosy
My leper pony!
Until my limbs started falling off me!
Festering boils!
Tons of pain!
An infected lung!
Deformed and weak!
I'm quarantined
Because I'm unclean
Due to lesions that we've all seen!
Yeah, my leper pony!
Do you know I'm sick and probably gonna
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OK, you wanna know something weird? I don't remember writing this! It's funny, I admit, but I don't remember writing it. (No, I don't get drunk or use drugs!) Maybe I just forgot. Thanks for the complement anyway.
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