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My Favorite Teacher

Scholastic Reading Club approached me recently for artwork for their "My Favorite Teacher" campaign. I was thrilled to be able to work on this project, partly because Scholastic does such cool stuff, and partly because dragons.

They did ask that I include this paragraph, since the image isn't out in the wild yet:

Created as part of Scholastic Reading Club's year-long celebration of teachers. Teachers change the lives of their students every day. Sometimes a small moment has a huge impact on a child's future. Other times it's the year-long influence in a classroom that can change the course of a student's entire life. Scholastic Reading Club is celebrating favorite teachers this year and will be interviewing students, parents, authors, illustrators, and celebrities about teachers who impacted their lives. If you'd like to share your own memories, you can email them to: judy.newman (at)
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I remember Scholastic- but that goes back to the early 1980s, so I have no idea what they've been doing.

This picture certainly brings back memories- in this case, the 1970s.
I greatly enjoyed Scholastic in my youth!
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*claps* that Is totally cool! I actually work for them and I've seen this art holy moly you were the one who drew it! That is so cool! *fan girls slightly*
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Congratulations for being picked for the project.
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How much for something like this as a comission?
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That's so frickin adorable :heart:
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Very inspiring piece and campaign! Props!Hug 
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Oh my! This is awesome!
I've been looking for something like this to use in my publishing company (which specializes in Fantasy). How much would a commission like this cost? Please send me a note and let me know... this is exactly what DevART is all about! :D
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Aaaah! This is perfect! And awesome!
I'm so emailing her about Mr. Soquist. The man was a balm in the craziness of middle school.
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I can't stop smiling at the little dragon's expression. 
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I lovelovelove this.  The expression on the younger dragon's face is totally my expression when I was a kid and I was in the middle of a Really Awesome Book.  
The teacher's expression would've been one of annoyance, because I would've been reading in class (again...) while they were teaching even after they told me to stop.  I'd meant to do what they told me to do, but I was bored because I understood what the teacher was talking about and I just wanted something to do while they finished explaining it to the rest of the class.  You'd think the teacher would be glad I was quietly reading and minding my own business, and it's not like it was my fault the rest of the class took so long to figure things out.  [/tongue-in-cheek]  My fifth grade teacher told my parents about the time he caught me reading and asked me a question to try and get me to stop, but it backfired on him when I put the book down long enough to give him the right answer and then went right back to reading.  
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I am a teacher and this fills me with warmfuzzies.
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This is clever! Nice work.
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That's so cool! :D I LOVED Scholastic as a kid. Books were my bread and butter growing up, and that hasn't changed much.
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Nice one, Ursula! :)
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that's very cool. Really glad to hear you were able to contribute to that, and with such great artwork.
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Awesome, congrats. And yay for dragons!
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This is amazing and yes, teachers are a force behind students success and failure.  I have had both.  Great picture too.
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A marvelous painting, Ursula, and a marvelous project.  These folks did a lot to foster my love of reading and books, and I'm a 1950 model.
Steve, who has had some really fine teachers along the way
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That's the happiest dragon I ever did see! :D :3 <3
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