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More Homicidal Hamsters

By ursulav
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I haven't been posting the little pieces I've been doing for the upcoming convention--I plan to post them afterwards--but this one amused me sufficiently that I couldn't resist. Been doing a lot of the little homicidal hamsters, since they're quick and silly and fun.

Watercolor/mixed media, 4 x 10. Did I mention that I shouldn't do children's books?

Edit: Oh, yeah...prints available! Drop me a line, they're 10$ plus shipping.
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i like but poor uther hamster
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i posted this to my facebook, becoz theyre jus like my daughters! the eldest will do anything for attention and the youngest dont care how adly damaged she is shel ALWAYS call her on it ;)
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O LOL awesome!
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Oddly enough, I had a pair of teddy bear hamsters, and I came home to find one had sliced the other's throat and killed it. O_O()
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LOL. That'd make a nifty bumper sticker or t-shirt design.
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So hysterical! :giggle:
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:D Simple and awesome...simply awesome.
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What the fuck is this bs!!???!
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So innocent yet so dark... so realistic yet cartoony... I love it!

GAWD, I may throw up at how cliche that sounded. >_<

Anyway, it's very... sophisticated. Like something I'd find in the New Yorker. :3

Ah well. The point remains that I love it. ^^
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That is so funny! . Its so horribly murderous but yet at the same time hilarious! So what about these prints? I might buy one. I love it, you need to make a christmas version that will be funny!
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:giggle: i remember this! Aww...I remember how long I was laughing!it's great! Fav for sure! :)
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this almost perfectly fits my da name!!
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I had a hamster like that once
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silly hampsters, cheack out joecartoon.com his stuff is kinda sick but he shares a similar love for hampsters
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ah priceless, i love it....:)
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love it its so cute
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funny!!cool and cute!
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lmao funny but sad
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:rofl:Hamsters are homicidal sometimes, we kept some when I was younger, and had to put a partition in the cage to separate them cause they would rip each others ears off, sometimes, they'd get to each other around the partition and, it was even bloodier than this. :fear:

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even with the preview i was thinking "she's gotta make these into prints". good to see excellent traditional artists on dA.
i love the artists who always convey a nice message along with the artwork. this is really well done. must've studied rats for a while to create these gorgeous characters.
ah, what can i say. thanks for sharing your art with us.
have a great easter weekend
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