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You're probably all sick of my doodles of cute things by now, but alas, I am in the grip of some kind of frenzy.

It'll pass. These things always pass.

I hope.

The still-nameless creature engages in various cute and disturbing activities. With blood. Yes, blood! MUHAHAH! All I need now is to have it slit its wrists (I assume it has wrists somewhere, but don't ask me to locate them) while bleeding rose petals on a background of song lyrics, and I'll have crossed the angst art event horizon! A hideous vortex from which not even doodles can escape!

Also, credit to Luke Chueh, who's terribly traumatized teddy-bears undoubtedly helped drag me to this point, and who does cute things being dismembered just so darn well.
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lukechuehProfessional Traditional Artist
Hey Ursulav,
Thanks for the props!
of course, if you really want to sight the source, I would mention Roman Dirge, Jhonen Vasquez and the rest of that slave labor crew, then the entire superflat scene from japan, but heck, they were definitely some of my inspiration...
Great illustratioins and charater designs!
Keep up the great work.


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briannechughesStudent Digital Artist
It looks like a my little pony version of a powerpuff girl... except cuter and doesn't burn my eyes... or my soul. However, it does give me this unsavory urge to watch well made horror flicks whilst eating something minty... i wonder why?
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I <3 Little Creature! And I don't think it needs a real name.
Keep them coming ^_^
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psychomelodramajean Photographer
So morbidly cute! I love it.
RiversLy-Chan's avatar
This thing is super cute.....and freaky.

After watching you for some time i have come to a conclusion.....you are just a little bit ummm...strange.
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GymnartHobbyist General Artist
Cute little critter.
BakaLexu's avatar
i love it ^^ so cute, would make an awesome plushie doll
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darknesswthnHobbyist General Artist
ehh, cute? More like scary.
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I don't know why.... but I want to call it Jammie..... as in Jammie Dodgers... maybe it;s because it has hearts on it's head... hehee... me not know. So Cute!!
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the first doodle looks like my friends lop eared bunny Tovi (minus the blood) shes a tempermental rabbit, and ive seen her give me that look of death before... lol
ghola8's avatar
ghola8Hobbyist General Artist
oh my gosh, awesome
and i love the voodoo doll's poor attempts at following in secret
CraigInATin's avatar
So cool, and funny, and everything. I'd love series of this stuff. How the voodoo doll follows it? Part of it is in the voodoo doll......
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Jon-WoodProfessional Digital Artist
What is that? My little Spermy?
tatsku's avatar
Awwww.... XD
slams's avatar
No, I'm not sick of it at all. I love them. =)
(When I can afford it I want them on my walls! ^^)

..And this little creature is.. so adorable. I'm so in love with it. Imagine to have this little creature as your pet.. Maby the size of a chiauau (or how they are spelled now again..). Wouldn't that be just adorable? =P
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Okay, you need therapy. Serious therapy. But do a few more of these sketches before you go will you--they are just wickedly cool! :D
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Yes. You are DEFINITELY onto something here.
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Lilithx13 Photographer
:lmao: BLOOD!! Awesome!
le-bel-agneau's avatar
they look like little neopets
very cute
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It seems this critter's popular. And rightly so. It's cute and evil and that's a fun combination.
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Made me smile through my foot cramp. :)
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wolfpaw Digital Artist
It's vert cool :D
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Thath thing is adorable, and kinda creepy.
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Ahaha! Yay! I really, really love this thing.
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