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Mole Rat Meditations

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I have seen a lot of paintings of floaty glowy Zen people. It's one of those Mystical Things. And you know me...never saw a motif I didn't want to molerat... His teeth are actually correct, as weird as it is. Naked mole rat front teeth come through OUTSIDE the lip, practically under the nostrils, which is helpful for tunnelling with your teeth and not getting dirt in your mouth, and also makes anybody else's buck teeth look positively discreet. (And since their teeth keep growing and need to be worn down, he probably has to re-scrimshaw 'em every few months, now that I think about it. Must've caught him on a good tooth day.)

This is just an 11 x 14 study. I have an overwhelming urge to paint this guy, huge, like three feet tall. I have a board all primed to go. There's something about taking a ludicrous idea and treating it with absolute sincerity that makes me unbearably cheerful. I am so easily amused.

For sale, send a note.
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gotenkslovesmeHobbyist General Artist
hey buddy, I'm doing a report on mole rats can i use your image in my report please?
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riceyProfessional Digital Artist
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JolieBonnetteArtProfessional Digital Artist
You are probably the only person I know who could make a naked mole rat look cute. Love his little tooth tatoo. :D
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JenTheThirdGalProfessional Interface Designer
Very cool.

The painting sounds like an awesome idea, look forward to seeing it ;) :)
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HIs face creeped me out for a minute untill I realized where his eyes were and the little symbol. Then I was like OHHHH that is his face :) This is awsome. I have only seen the molerats at the DC Zoo...and well they are a little creepy..but I think they need more art done and this is such good PR for them :)
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I don't know what, but something about him reminds me of Yoda... maybe the rinkles? ;)
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Funny coincidence: I was passing by a pet shop today, and they had Naked Mole Rats on sale (or some variant of such -- they had no hair, but the lady called them "African Rats" in Spanish)! They were sooo adorable. My dear mother said they looked terrible. =D
I just couldn't help singing the Naked Mole Rap...
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O.o I never knew that about naked mole rats. The most I've seen of a naked mole rat was Rufus from Kim Possible. x.x Anyway, it's cute, in an ugly way, or ugly in a cute way, depending on your point of view. Like E.T.

I like E.T. ^_^ Also, is that a Gearworld cog on his necklace? :?
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LadyZelda Traditional Artist
naked mole rats are weird...
I wouldn't like having teeth coming out of my nose. :P

Great drawing!
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"Naked mole rat front teeth come through OUTSIDE the lip" that's incredibly gross... *blech!!*

"makes anybody else's buck teeth look positively discreet" HA HA HA!!!! :rofl:

you are so funny. your descriptions are almost as brilliant, and certainly as entertaining, as your art!!!
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Yoda's got nothing on this guy, can't wait to see the painting!
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Yoda's got nothing on this guy, can't wait to see the painting!
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Nice gear necklace.:thumbsup:
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Lemme guess. He's trying to see which came first?
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So peacefull and serene
Is he searching for is iner light (since its dark outside... because hes underground :P)
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darknesswthnHobbyist General Artist
awesomeness! I love floating moles, they totally rock!
mangam8's avatar
Abolutely stunning...in a good way! lol and the detail is so profound! ^__^
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He's just totally cool!
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lethe-grayHobbyist Writer
Mole rats are soooo fugly :) He looks so serene and wise. :D
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ArtoveliHobbyist General Artist
He's wearing a gear!
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Cool image - and a damn good scrap!

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PercaviusHobbyist Digital Artist
OOoooh the levitating molerat :) And what a jolly sort of molerat. He seems to be in deeeep thought.... asking himself: "Which came first? The chicken or the egg?" Another gearworld piece or not? I guess he might have picked up that signet while touring. You must've caught him on a good tooth day because I'd wager in another week or so that nice pattern on his tooth would've drifted half way off the bottom unfortunately.
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juuhannaProfessional Digital Artist
The painting-idea sounds excellent, I hope you'll do it. :nod:
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