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Mole Rat Meditations



I have seen a lot of paintings of floaty glowy Zen people. It's one of those Mystical Things. And you know me...never saw a motif I didn't want to molerat... His teeth are actually correct, as weird as it is. Naked mole rat front teeth come through OUTSIDE the lip, practically under the nostrils, which is helpful for tunnelling with your teeth and not getting dirt in your mouth, and also makes anybody else's buck teeth look positively discreet. (And since their teeth keep growing and need to be worn down, he probably has to re-scrimshaw 'em every few months, now that I think about it. Must've caught him on a good tooth day.)

This is just an 11 x 14 study. I have an overwhelming urge to paint this guy, huge, like three feet tall. I have a board all primed to go. There's something about taking a ludicrous idea and treating it with absolute sincerity that makes me unbearably cheerful. I am so easily amused.

For sale, send a note.
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hey buddy, I'm doing a report on mole rats can i use your image in my report please?