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Mice and Menace

"Come on, we just need to get up this tree and we'll be able to see where we are in this accursed forest. Grab my tail."

"I dunno, Spike," said Errol glumly. "Something feels wrong."

"You've thought something was wrong since we got off the boat. "This doesn't look like Italy," you said. "I thought Florence would have more buildings," you said." Spike gave an explosive snort.

Errol felt like pointing out that, after three days of hacking their way through the jungle, it most definitely was NOT Italy, and in fact he would swear that those natives Spike had claimed were a rare Moorish sect had actually been lemurs--but there was really no arguing with Spike when he was in one of those moods.

Besides, he was more worried about the sound that seemed to be coming from sounded almost like breathing...


18 x 36, mixed media, and this one nearly killed me. I needed a big showy piece for Anthrocon, and here it is. Original is for sale (although I'd still take it to Anthrocon anyway, with a NFS sign!) but not cheap. Prints, however, are available for $10 and $20 plus shipping (I suggest the jumbo size on this one, because the detail gets very lost in the small.)

Whew. Send a note or visit [link] for details, and I don't wanna see tree bark again for a long, long time.
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I hope those guys are armed...or that the little guy in the hood is a mage or something.
InsaneGelfling's avatar
I'm glad I discovered your gallery, it is fantastic. An interesting popint though, chameleons don't actually change colour for camouflage, it actually reflects their mood, and helps in courtship. :)
avatarded45's avatar
For some reason the mice remind me of the Knight's Templar.

All in all, a marvelous piece.
LimeGreenSquid's avatar
Wow, this looks amazing! So much detail in everything! Well done!
pinktiger's avatar
Holy... gorgeous!
Fosterpython's avatar
this is beautiful! I feel sad about the mice though.
Scorpion-MK's avatar
looks Awesome ^^
ZoeSotet's avatar
Hehe this is great. The background is Very yellow though... I find it kind of distracting from the rest of the picture...
marquiswyld's avatar
Trees, reptiles, small herbivores....

now there's a recipe for disaster!

again - a genuinely oddball piece that still looks like a study from an everyday occurrence....


Only question - where is the children's story book to accompany these illustrations?
botchiball's avatar
hehe, do chameleons eat mice?
Monsoni's avatar
zyphryus's avatar
wow, this is definitely an ambitious piece!!!
Very well executed! beautiful
CarnivalChild's avatar
Enough with the awesome already, I'm not sure how much more I can take.
zJoriz's avatar
Very cool and detailed. You are a master of colours :worship:
mastermatt111's avatar
This is one of those rare pieces where the background is better than the characters. Although the characters are awesome in their own right. It reminds me somewhat of a D&D adventure featuring mice.
pinda's avatar
wow the structure of the tree and the chameleon are excellent! and lovely colours!
kika1983's avatar
great character desing:) cool details and highlights! excellent job! well done;)
Asphyxial's avatar
I used to have a chameleon, thta don't make the best pets, but they are really cool.
You got the chameleon's anatomy almost perfect, but thier feet only have 2 toes. Three claws on one and two on the other.
Superdemon-Inuyasha's avatar
great detail! awesome job 8D
Ellygator's avatar
Ohh, and the chameleon already has them in his sights...
MinorTechnicality's avatar
Your art is amazing but your descriptions just tie it all together. :D Aww I love little Spike.
Vambi's avatar
Wow, great pic:)
Aintes's avatar
That's awesomely cool. ^_^
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